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Friday, February 17, 2023

The Meat and Potatoes

 Foggy and drizzly, with the temps hovering at 53 (F) is how today is starting out.  The weather will improve over the coming hours, but the temps begin to drop.  We're heading back into the tail end of winter.  Winter's been very warm so far.  You'll get no complaints about that for me.

I did have to chortle privately at work when one of my associates told me that the winter wasn't cold enough to kill off the insects.  I don't know if he was talking about insect eggs, or those hibernating.  Honestly, we've had warm winters before and I've never noticed the difference.  Being close to the river I will have to deal with gnats occasionally, but never swarms, and the Susquehanna is only 3/4 of a mile away (if that).  

And business was slow yesterday.  You can't sell an installation if there aren't any customers in the store.  I have noticed an uptick in online measures.  I would not want to buy carpet for my house without actually touching and feeling it.

It was sad to see Bruce Willis has dementia.  He is only 67 years old.  His career has filled many lives with memorable moments; over 100 films.  I will never forget sitting in a packed movie theater and hearing people crying at the end of Armageddon.  

And, of course, sections of the Grand Jury report in Atlanta were released yesterday.  Caution needs to be taken.  I did see on Twitter where are least 2 individuals were shrieking that Trump needed to be indicted.  Both received scathing rebukes because not only were no names mentioned, the recommendations for indictment were for those individuals who were believed to have committed perjury, Lyndsey Graham, for example.  What wasn't released was the middle section, think of it as the meat and potatoes of the report.  What we got were the appetizer and the desert, that main course, the part where they might recommend Trump be indicted for racketeering has yet to be served.

Finally, a few words about the mess in Ohio.  I was not surprised when the same people who voted for Trump pushed back on a Tweet for Buttigieg noting the former president deserved some of the responsibility, since it was his administration which relaxed the safety rules regarding rail shipments.  His MAGA base is dealing with a great disconnect from reality.  They truly define the Republican party.


  1. Heh.
    It’s low 19, high 23 here. Balmy.
    And the whole Bruce Willis thing is very, very sad. I am going to rewatch Moonlighting.
    As for the news coming from Georgia, yes, Lady G may be in trouble. Yes, please! Get the minions first.



    1. You can keep your 19 (F). Everyone knows Lyndsey Belle is bad, which is good. And it is truly sad about Bruce.

  2. I looked up East Palestine on the map and was shocked to see it's only 38 miles away from where my former MIL lives! I think the news is only going to get worse coming from there - those poor folks! And yes it is sad about Bruce Willis isn't it. 67 is no age to be getting that dreadful illness!

  3. I watched Moonlighting when it was on, but my Bruce Willis movie for me that I loved was Sixth Sense. He and Haley had such chemistry.

    1. You're right, The Sixth Sense was such a terrific film.