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Sunday, February 26, 2023

PDFs and Perry

Well, the forever flurries never happened yesterday.  Occasionally one or two would dash themselves against my windshield as I drove to work, but other than that precipitation was a bust.  Today, temps are predicted to climb back up into the 50s (F).

My left leg was sore last night.  I don't doubt for a second it's the result of my climb in through the window.  Once I was halfway in, I not so limberly pulled my left knee up and squeezed it between my chest and the window frame.  Believe me, when pulling yourself through a small opening, traction is everything.

For right now, it will only be my eBooks which will be selling through Barnes & Noble.  Their antiquated system for setting up cover art for a paperback is way too cumbersome.  To give you an idea:  you have to turn a jpeg into a PDF, however PDFs have specific sizes, so you need to download software which will let you go into the PDF's preflight tool to adjust the size to fit the page, and then you save it.  After that you need to open Word and bring up the saved PDF as a photo so you can do changes to both fonts and colors because the PDF/x 1.a you created only uses grayscale.  Amazon, on the other hand, not only uses a jpeg for cover art, they will size it for you at no extra charge.

For those interested, this is the window I used to break into my house.

New wise, yesterday seemed fairly quiet, mostly because the Republicans didn't do anything truly stupid.  They seem to be re-evaluating their nonexistent plan.  They were hoping their committees would produce explosive headlines about Hunter Biden's laptop... ain't happening.  They had also been hoping to make hay with the East Palestine trail derailment, however Trump showing up with pallets of 10 year old bottled Trump water sort of put a damper on that.  

There was a bit of sunshine, however, evidently on December 28, a Federal Judge ruled that Scott Perry's defense for keeping his cell phone contents secret was pretty much bullshit.  This means that through out January and for most of the month of February, the DOJ has probably been looking at Perry's messages and emails.  He was evidently heavily involved in the fake elector scheme.  This means Scotty's days in the house may be numbered.

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