I've also been told I have little tact, so if this offends you simply ride on.

Monday, June 29, 2020


My weekend begins.  It's going to get hot, they're forecasting 91 (F)  Not much is planned for outdoor activities.  No mowing of the grass.  No wacking of the weeds.
Indoor activities are planned.  The staircase needs painting.  I'm putting the new tank there, where the piano sat for years and years.  I have a Korg keyboard there now.  I play occasionally, but not frequently enough for it to take up the space.  The tank, itself, is due to arrive tomorrow.  One of my plans this morning is to pick up the substrate, probably at Pet Smart.  Fish and Plants will be purchased from That Fish Place down near Lancaster.  You all know how to pronounce Lancaster now, don't you?
And I was the only Specialist at the Flooring Desk yesterday... again.  And I only had one moron customer who presented issues.  A man stopped by the desk and told me he wanted to order his blinds.  I asked if they had been designed and he said "no, but I know what I want."  No problem, except I couldn't find his measurements in the system.  I checked under his name, his wife's name, both phone numbers... nothing.  In fact, he wasn't in our system for ever having purchased anything from us, so I figured he must be confusing us with Lowe's (this happens more frequently then you might think).  Before suggesting he was making that mistake, I went into our purged order's system.  Son of a Bitch!  His name popped up.  He and his wife had made one purchase from us... a measure for blinds... in January... of 2019.  That's right, a year and a half ago.  I told him measurements only stay in the system for a year... and he grew irate.  He said, "no one told him that."  We do.  It's part of our spiel, "measurements are only good for a year."  I told him that.  I also said, "you waited a year and a half, no one waits a year and a half to decided to buy blinds," with enough insinuation in my voice to let him know I was calling him a fool.  I ended up setting him up for our Kirsch rep (very expensive blinds) to go out to his house.  Timeliness is everything.  
As for the Idiot Jerk in the White House... well, there was his 'White Power' Tweet that someone, probably not him, took down.  He doesn't understand America is not as ugly racist as his white Supremacist base.  And, of course, there's the bit about the bounties the Russkies put on American soldiers.  That's going to hurt him with the military.  How's that for bad timing.
Finally, on the music and the writing.  On occasion a song, a guitar riff, a lyric, or a melody line will create a backdrop in my head for what I'm writing about.  Here's one that's helping me create imagery for The Body in the Loch.  Picture this:  nighttime, flashlights zigzagging through the fog, baying dogs in hot pursuit of who... or what... as our heroes race to the ruined Abbey of Dun Adair.  You know, I do need to get my little action bits in.


  1. To be fair to _____, and y'all know ho fair I am to him, his people said he couldn't hear the "white power" shout ..... TWICE.

    Fucker can't hear; can't walk down a ramp.

  2. I can't wait to see your tank once you've set it up! We're headed to the school today to begin the process of setting up the new tank there.

    1. A bit of a concept popped into my head while I was painting this afternoon. We'll have to see if it works out.

  3. I love you’re getting a fish tank! I have been experimenting with a different substrate for my water plants. It’s a bitch to get algae.
    Twitler is dog whistling like crazy, now that he can’t have his rallies. Foaming at the mouth, is he, I bet.
    And you said ‘action bits’ and I thought romance. Silly me.


    1. Yeah, my action bits are chasing, or being chased, things many don't think gay men do.

    2. Honey, I'bee chased and I have chased, too...


  4. Even if dump said he was behind the white power guy, his numbers wouldn't change, they might even go up. Anyway he's going down to defeat! Another reason it's too bad there is this virus, it would have been one heck of a party the next day!

  5. He didn't denounce him, and that's making a bigger stink.