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Tuesday, June 23, 2020

The Eruption

Golly, today's my 3rd and final day off.  I get to go back to work tomorrow.  Do you think that's a good enough reason to put on my high button shoes?  Nah.
Pronto plumbing ran a camera down my pipes yesterday and I'm clean as a whistle.  The dogs were all barky barky while the guy was here.  They wanted him to pet them and give them biscuits and I wanted him to leave.
Today I want to mow the lawn.  The temps are not supposed to get as high as they did yesterday.
We had thunderstorms last evening... well, that's not exactly correct, the thunder and lightening passed by to the east, all we got here in Enola was the rain.  Rain is good.  We're heading into summer which means unless a tropical depression moves up from the south, all we get are spits and spats from thunderstorms.
I baked an apple, cranberry desert thing yesterday.  It's tasty, but it needs ice cream so I'll be heading off to my neighbor hood Giant this morning.  I'm also going to pick up a chicken for roasting.  I have a rotisserie, so maybe I'll rotisserate the sucker.
The Idiot Jerk in the White House has proclaimed he's going to sign another Executive Order on immigration.  He's planning on visiting Arizona, where the infection rate is rising, so he can stand next to the boarder wall Americans are paying for... yep, it's another photo op, sans Bible this time.  It's his 2016 playbook, you know?  Not an original thought rattling around in that puny little brain of his.
Biden has agreed to 3 debates.  The Idiot Jerk wanted 4.  He thinks he's going to be popping home runs out of the park.  Dumb shit.  He doesn't understand that all Biden has to do is stand there and look presidential.  Oh, and maybe occasionally... politely say "that's a damn lie."  
I don't believe the Idiot Jerk in the White House understand his bad Karma is just getting started.  That faux rally was a catastrophic failure.  Very shortly, the Supreme Court is most likely going to rule that the State of New York can have access to his tax returns and Vesuvius will erupt in his head.


  1. Wouldn't it be fitting if that idiot got covid himself?

    1. That would be too easy, I suspect Karma is going to require him to be constantly humiliated. He will become the joke of the world.

  2. Karma will give him the virus AFTER he is no longer President.

  3. I really want Uncle Hoe to hand Cheeto his ass on national tv. COVFEFE 19 will not be able to lurk behind him the way he did behind Hillary. Ugh.
    I’m looking forward to Uncle Joe and Obama do their thing virtually though. Read they raised like 40 mil. Yay.

    Also, this:
    “Pronto plumbing ran a camera down my pipes yesterday and I'm clean as a whistle.”

    It got me tingly.


    1. ... do you want me to give you Pronto's phone number?

  4. I was reading about his tax returns and even though I'm pretty sure they will be given the go ahead I honestly don't see him handing them over - any more than I can see him walking out of the White House voluntarily in January! Makes a nice thought though doesn't it!

    1. I don't know if he has any choice since it will be handled by the IRS.

  5. "I suspect Karma is going to require him to be constantly humiliated." - THIS! he cannot stand people laughing at him. then he gets COVID-19 on top of the humiliation.