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Saturday, June 27, 2020

Pandemic Tee Off

Have we all been Workin' for the Weekend?!  I know I haven't been.  Nor have I been Workin' for the Man!  I have been punching in, and punching out, and selling carpet because they pay me very well.  Getting paid is not a bad thing, you just can't make that your number one priority in your life.  When you do that you're edging towards being a conservative.  For many of them, it's not being able to live comfortably; rather their focus is on buying the BMW or the Volvo, and buying a house with a faux front that looks like a French chateau.  These things are very important to them.  Ownership ranks their self-worth.  For them, importance is always an object to be bought.
Jennifer asked what kind of fish I might put in the tank I'm planning on setting up.  I told her Discus would be nice.  They can be difficult.  They like very warm water with a specific ph, filtered lighting, and a sedate environment.  That last one's the stickler.  I have 180 lbs of dogs that race and bounce from the futon in the living room to the recliner sofa in the writing room.  And dogs can be very loud!  So I might end up going with something less... delicate and more hardy.  This whole thing is still in the planning stage.  One thing I have discovered.  Larger tanks are difficult to come by at the present.  I guess since pet stores were deemed essential, many people chose to set up fish tanks during the lockdown.

These might be a possibility, they can get rather large

And I saw where the Idiot Jerk in the White House changed his plans this weekend, he's not going golfing at his New Jersey club.  Someone must have told him it would "really, really bad," of course that's never stopped him before.  Maybe his mind finally made some sort of connections with his petulant, spoiled brat behavior patterns and his sagging ratings... nah.  Someone just told him it would look really, really bad.  That means he's not going to make his tee time.  That's right, no teeing off during a Pandemic.
Both Florida and Texas have started returning to their lockdowns.  I understand some beachfront communities in the Sunshine State have started shutting down their beaches. They had to do this before.  Their dumbshit governor doesn't seem to realize that infection rates are still going to climb.  He's a stupid Republican, loyal to the Idiot Jerk.  DeSantis doesn't understand that the infection rate will continue to explode until someone in authority has the balls to shut it down.  That someone is not him.

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