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Saturday, June 20, 2020

Fever Pitch

For those who don't know, today is the longest day of the year.  Summer officially begins... or began... a few hours ago.... or maybe it's later this morning.  I'm not that precise when it comes to either equinoxes or solstices.  I'm sure if I wanted one, I could purchase a watch which linked to some atomic clock somewhere, and chimed the instant the summer started.  Personally, I think that would be going a little overboard.
Yesterday was Juneteenth.  One of the most striking things I read was that the Idiot Jerk in the White House was unusually quiet on Twitter.  I was always told that if you can't say anything nice, or good, don't say anything at all.  His silence in no means indicates he has finally achieved some level of common sense.  Most likely he was practicing some herky jerky moves for his Ding Dong Rally this evening.
I think it's rather amusing.  He is defining the Republican Part for the world to see.  Now we know they don't care about human life as long as they can get their hair or nails done.  They have no problem separating children from their parents.  They have no problem blackmailing others to keep themselves in power.  They lie a lot... daily.  They don't like people with dark skin.  I know I'm missing many things because their disassociation from America is so totally overwhelming.  They are in their own separate, little world... and, not surprisingly, they don't understand they are a minority group.  They like to call themselves the party of Lincoln, yet they would vote stridently against the Emancipation Proclamation were it to be written today. True, their party is old, but it is no longer grand and has not been for quite some time.
Anyway, their Idiot Jerk is going to have his Ding Dong Rally tonight in Tulsa because his ego demands human sacrifice.  For you and I, having to sign a waver promising not to sue, would give us reason to question the wisdom of attending.  Not to his base.  They see it as a joke.  An inconvenience at best.  Temperatures are supposed to be taken.  Realistically now, does anybody think they're going to stop anyone from entering that arena because they're running a fever?  They will chalk it up to an Adrenalin rush, anticipation of the fever pitch initiated by the Idiot Jerk shrieking from center stage.  Prepare yourselves, he will go off topic... a lot.  He has miles of bile to spew.  He is a bitter, bitter man who is beginning to understand how much he's hated.  He is going to be fired by the American People.  He deserves everything he gets.
And finally, for those who are interested.  I have peaches!

They were early last year, too.  I don't mind.


  1. my co-worker calls peaches "fuzzballs". I saw a clip of the MAGAts camped outside the arena - fat, toothless, sister-fucking white trailer trash, each and every one of them. COVID-19 is gonna have a field day with them!

    1. And 6 of his campaign team tested positive. Ooops.

  2. I did see where Melanie Tweeted out about Juneteenth to make the day. Funny thing, though, that racist hooker used to spout that birther shiz about Obama, so it's like having a Klan wife Tweet about Juneteenth,

    1. Evidently she'll spit out or swallow whatever you want as long as you pay her enough.

  3. Peaches in your garden
    I am sooo jealous dearheart x