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Saturday, June 6, 2020

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It's Saturday here in Central Pennsylvania and we're in for a bit of a stinker as far as weather is concerned.  Spritzling rains with the likelihood of a thunderstorm or two are in the forecast.  
Yesterday was busy at the store.  More and more customers are foregoing mask.  So far all of them have been white.  Remember, except for Harrisburg, this is a conservative area because so much is rural.  We have lots of teeny weeny towns that that blood red Republican.  Good ol' northern boys that are dumber than a box of rocks.
Today is going to be busy, too, in spite of the heat.  What a shame this is going to be one of the lasts of my short days.  After today, there will 2 remaining before I kick back into my full time schedule.  A lot of people at work think I've gone the part-time route, so I have to correct them.
Yesterday's job's report was good, unemployment dropped.  That didn't surprise me in the least.  My store has hired in more than 30 associates over our normal summer hiring.  A lot of new people are working curbside delivery.  That being said, many of those jobs will be disappearing.  When they go, some of those new hires will be given the opportunity to work as 'lot' associates, ie loaders and lot attendants.  Many essential businesses did the same thing.  Those jobs will disappear as well.  Of course, the Idiot Jerk in the White House rang his ding dong bell claiming the economy was back on track.  Not so fast, Bunker Boy.  Unemployment for minorities continued to rise, of course those people are not important to him.  He's only worried about his White Supremacist Base.  Oh, and the Cracker Jack Christians.
Here's a little something from the Lincoln Project.

As of yesterday, also, Joe Biden is the Democratic Nominee.  He has enough delegates.  Now the work begins.  The worshiping base of the Idiot Jerk is not going to suddenly change their collective mind and vote for a Democrat.  Nope.  Our job now is to demoralize them to a point where they stay home from the polls this November.  They will not vote for Biden.  What we need to insure is that they don't vote for the Idiot Jerk.  Here's the link for the above ad.  Share it.  Post it in Facebook.  Copy it into Twitter.   If you follow the Idiot Jerk on Twitter, copy it into his feed.  This is how we grow the Blue Wave.


  1. many white people be stoopid. I took my car in for a state inspection this morning; all were wearing masks. some of us are intelligent and caring.

  2. Down here, not wearing a mask, you don't gain entrance. Simple.

    1. We have a minority group of MAGA heads who get violent up here.