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Sunday, October 27, 2019

Cleaning Up

Well, it's Sunday and I'm thinking of calling off from work today.  I have a very good reason - it's raining.  That may seem like a paltry reason, but footsteps are always down in "big box" stores on Sundays.  And rain?  That's just one more reason to stay home and watch organized sports on TV.  Believe me, if a local team is being televised people stay home to watch.  And, living in Central PA, I am in the Shangrila of localized sports zones.  Don't believe me?  Hahahaha (evil laugh).  Phillie is 2 hours away:  Eagles, Phillies, and Flyers, and 76'ers.  Baltimore is 55 minutes away:  Ravens and Orioles.  Pittsuburgh is 3.5 hours away:  Steelers, Pirates, and Flyers, and Penguins.  New Jersey has the Nets.  Washington DC has the Nationals... I think they're playing in the World Series, and they're a little over an hour away.  I'm not including New York because it's a 4.25 hour drive from where I live.  However, we don't have a professional cycling team... and that really sucks!
Anne Marie recommended Dr. Squatch as a replacement for my body wash... soap.  They make great commercials.  Here's the one they put out for their shampoo and conditioner.

They're a bit pricey:  $10 for a 3 oz bar (which is supposed to last for 2 weeks).  I ordered a test bar.  I also ordered a test bar of Marlowe, a bit less pricey at $8 for 7 oz.... Both are cruelty free, however, I'm getting some real conservative vibes from the Marlowe website.  Even if it's advertised as being exfoliating, you know there's no way it can remove much of the dirt from a Conservative's skin.  We'll see.
I understand the Idiot Jerk in the White House is planning on making some sort of big announcement this morning.  No, it's not the one you're hoping for.  It seems that some of our troops, with the help of the SFD Kurds (you know, the Kurds who are not our allies?) killed one of the leaders for ISIS.  I suspect he's going to try and pull a Zelda Rubenstein on the American people on the subject of ISIS.

Damn, the Idiot Jerk in the White House could swim in Dr. Squatch or Marlowe and never, ever be clean.


  1. the MENZ in those dr. squatch ads - OH BABY! and I doubt the dump ever showers.

    1. They are cute and funny.

      And my money says the Idiot Jerk floats in a large tub like a moldy piece of cheese while his supplicants do the dirty work.

  2. Was this ad supposed to have an erotic vibe to it, because it certainly revved up my motor!

  3. Oh how could you Dave put poor Zeld'a name in the same post with that idiots? She is probably rolling in her grave.