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Thursday, October 10, 2019

Size matters

Thursday.  My new schedule was posted yesterday.  Three weeks out I get to work a 32 week.  Yippee!  That takes us into the 1st week of November.  The 2nd week is special to me.  I celebrate my birthday.  In honor of that great event I'm taking short respite from work.  For 4 days I will be able to do what I want.  Some of that time is going to be yard work.  Bulbs need to be planted.  Dahlias need to be dug up and stored.  Leaves need to be mowed.  Yep, that's right.  I prefer mowing and mulching my leaves.  Sure, it doesn't make my yard look pretty, pretty, pretty, but all those nutrients in the leaves will go back into the soil.  No one seems to think about that.  Nope, almost everybody wants a clean and leafless yard.
I saw where the Benghazi Bo Bo has joined the Idiot Jerk's legal team.  That's right, Trey Gowdy is now going to try and help the moral degenerate survive.  I have no doubt every morning Trey prays for guidance and... strength.  Don't you find that amusing?  I do.  That a god capable of creating the entire universe, stars, planets, blackholes, quasars, neutron stars, molecules, and muscles is going to give him strength in his fight against goodness.  You see, Trey has a problem with size.  His beliefs make him think he's much bigger than he actually is, more important, more special.  In truth, he is very, very small.  In truth, he will always be small.  In the scheme of things, Trey Gowdy isn't even the briefest of sparks.  This is something he will never learn.  While here on earth he may splutter around a while, in the universe he is smaller than an atom on the tip of his thumb.  He will never understand how size matters.
And, as I said earlier, Christmas arrived at the store on Monday.

In big brown boxes wrapped in cellophane.  And you thought Santa brought it...


  1. Ohhh the idea of mowing the leaves is actually great. Never thought of it.
    Heh. Trey Gowdy, eh? The idiots do stick to a theme. He did nothing with Benghazi it was just noise for the base. I hope his reputation (whichever he has) is ruined. It’s happen to other before when they associate with Cheeto, so I hope he crashes and burns.


    1. They are desperately trying to hold onto the their base in the rising tide of impeachment.

  2. don't unwrap that xmess shit yet; too damn early!

  3. Happy birthday. Another Libran then! Hope you find it easier to make up your mind than I do!

  4. Thanks... however I may have been a little confusing, my birthday's not till November 8. I'm a purebred Scorpio.