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Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Riding through

Okay so it's Wednesday and I get to go back to work today (boo!  hiss!)  What makes this even more dastardly is that I have to work for 5 days and only get 1 (one) day off before working another 5 days.  That's enough to make you say "shit."  Am I right?
I rode over 5 miles yesterday.  North Applegate... it's in Oregon.

This is what I see on my TV
This is one of my favorite rides.  It wasn't until after Rouvy augmented the rides that I got to see the beautiful scenery.  Of course, you're not sitting there looking at a still picture, it moves.  The faster you ride, the faster you pass by the scenery.  With this kind of augmentation I can ride any stage in the Tour de France!  Ain't that pretty amazing!
Some evil Republican ass named Gaetz threatened to release personal information about Cohen and now he's apologizing.  Too late.  This guy is an attorney... and he threatened a witness... and now a number of people are working to get him disbarred.  Ooopsy.  But then this is typical behavior of one who supports the Idiot Jerk in the White House.  In fact, I'm sure this is a tactic the Idiot approves of, one he's had his henchmen use time and time again.
And, of course, today is the day Cohen opens the floodgates.  I saw somewhere that Republicans are concerned his testimony might upstage the summit between a dirty dictator and a wannabe dictator. Uh, someone should tell them 'upstage' is not the correct word.  Cohen is going to be on TV.  Every news feed I get is going to be broadcasting his testimony, and don't forget some milquetoast the Republicans can badger about.  He has teeth, and he's going to use them.  Every time they bite him, he will bite them back.  Not only is he going to avenge his soul, single-handedly he is going to attempt to take down the most corrupting force in the Republican party.


  1. I read last night that gaetz has 4 convictions against him from 2 different states. and he's one of those "catholics", like kavanaugh. up to no good. muthafucka.

    1. Oh, your run of the mill, scumbag conservative.

  2. He only got elected because his daddy was a Rep. His nose is so up Trump's ass, he can only see Cheeto debris. I still can't believe he beat a verified military hero. But, that's Florida. But, it's only a matter of time, with lots of liberals moving in, to turn Florida into a blue state.

    1. In other words, he's dingleberry lovin' his time in a tight space, not knowing he's going to get wiped away. Holy shit!... well, it's not really holy, is it?

  3. Oh, Gaetz. The perfect representation of the entitled idiot. What is it with all these idiots that think that by trying to please Cheeto they'll get some favors? But he was elected in Florida, where any kind of fuckery can happen....