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Friday, February 15, 2019

Digest This

It's Friday the 15.  I get to go to work.  One of my fellow associates in Flooring did something stupid.  Now we are all waiting to see what the fallout is going to be - there is the possibility it might very radioactive for one of us... not me.  I'm one of those people in the stands with a front row seat.  This is how life goes, you know?
I did my 40 minutes of cardio this morning and realized that my Sole 95 was tracking my mileage wrong.  Yesterday I did 2 miles and it only racked up one.  That sucks.  My Suunto Spartan tracks it differently, always a little less than the elliptical.  Outside it tracks your mileage through GPS but on a stationary piece of equipment is relies on arm movement since most people swing their arms when they walk.
Since my diet is, fore the most part, Mediterranean I decided to buy a cookbook.  That's right, I rarely eat red meat, mostly chicken and fish.  Of course, like most cookbooks, the recipes here have been created in a kitchen, which means I will dumb some of them down by skipping some of the ingredients, like pine nuts. 

We shall see what happens.
Oh, and both the Senate and the House have approved the funding bill.  And the Idiot Jerk is going to declare a National Emergency to get funding for his racist wall, the one his white, Evangelical base deems necessary to keep out all those brown Catholics from Central America.  I think Nancy said it best when she cited 'gun violence' as a National Emergency.  Their terror of a brown threat is causing part of the white to open a Pandora's Box.  Do they care?  Hell no.  They seriously believe they are in a 'do or die' fight to save 'white America.'  They can't understand evolution has decided that battle a long time ago when the gene for brown skin became dominant.  Of course, they don't believe in evolution either, since that would make them neither superior, or chosen.


  1. Ohh I feel you about the work situation. Same.
    And yo read my mind! I was just writing about my struggle with making time to exercise more. I actually NEED to start doing something. Ugh.

    As for Cheeto. That idiot. He's going to try and stronghold his fucking wall out of agencies that really need the money and I hope that blows in his face. I just can't with his racist ways. Mueller needs to hurry the hell up!


    1. My mind gets very creative when I do cardio.
      And the Idiot Jerk knows this Emergency thing is going to fail, it's his way of holding on to his base.

  2. Three things ...
    Dumb people at work should be killed.
    Don't skip the pine nuts.
    Fuck _____.

    1. Now you know why he tried to rig the Supreme Court.

  3. ain't no fucking emergency; it's all in the dump's mind. fuck stoopid white xstain people!

    1. This is him desperately trying to hold on to his white racist base.