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Saturday, February 2, 2019

Allez, Allez!

When I got up this morning the temperature was 4 (F) - that's still cold.  It's supposed to go up to 40 (F) today.  I really hope it does.  I have ice.  Usually I use Hailite salt - no problem.  The dogs have never had a problem with it.  This year I decided to get the 'pet friendly' stuff.  Well, it doesn't work... no, that's wrong.  Each granule melts the area directly beneath it which means you get lots of little holes in the ice.  That's one problem.  My back porch is enclosed with a vinyl floor.  This 'pet friendly' shit makes that vinyl slick as... ice.  That's the 2nd problem.  I put a throw rug down... and that slides.  The only solution is to scrub it down every time the dogs go in and out.  My dogs go in and out a lot.  Let me tell you, this pet friendly shit is a pain in the ass.
So, Cory Booker is running for president.  My brother doesn't like Cory at all.  He texted me the equivalent of a sarcastic cheer.  My reply reminded him that by 2020 1/3 of all registered voters will be minorities.  No response.
The Idiot Jerk gave some sort of interview with the Times (?)  in which he was asked about 'fake news' and his response was something like, 'it wouldn't be fake if it was a good story.'  In other words, he wouldn't call it 'fake news' if they published 'fake news'.  Ironic, isn't it?
In French, the verb for 'to go' is aller.  Yelling 'allez' is often used as a cheer, you know 'go, go, go.' In fact, if you've ever seen any of the Tour de France, you will see the fans lined up along the route shouting 'allez, allez.'   However, while 'go' can be used as cheer, it can also be used as a command, or a desperate plea.  Sometimes a certain song will fixate in my mind while I'm writing.  The lyrics rarely influence me, however the tone, the beat, and the instrumentation provide inspiration.  Right now I'm working on a chapter tentatively titled 'Allez, Allez!' and this is what I'm listening to.

The song is "Super Fade."


  1. But your such a good pet daddy! It is cold. Was out in New Hope for dinner to meet friends. Thanks goodness it was a whisky bar.

    Now Im going back into hibernation.

    1. In other words you were numb to the cold, yu didn't run around outside naked did you?

  2. your bro (and my sis and my bro-in-law) better get used to the fact that minorities RULE. if they don't like it, they can leave.

    this cold weather sucks major ass! :(

    1. So many conservatives are in total denial... it's funny.

  3. Pet Friendly is an oxymoron.

    Our cold is slowly moving on,though we were never is single digits.

    _____ can ____off.