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Monday, October 23, 2017

Red Meat for the Democrats

So, yesterday I was sitting in the lunchroom during my break doing what I normally do, check my news feeds, and this article on Bloomberg caught my attention.  The idea that the Idiot Jerk in the White House might have his re-election sewn up in a sack of hatred was... well, I thought it was simply ludicrous. And then, of course, I had to find out who Doug Sosnik was, and what credibility he had.  Oops.  Except for a 3 year stint with the Clinton administration, he's mostly been associated with losing campaigns (John Warner?  Did he even get out of the starting gate?).  His resume does nothing to solidify either a pedigree or authority.  In my opinion, for what ever that amounts to, I think he's pretty much of a putz, however, his article does do one thing, throw red meat to the Democrats which, I suspect, was not his main intention.  But then, maybe Doug's smarter than I think...
Anyway, the Bloomberg article provides 5 bullet points as to why they think Doug's.. well, out of touch.  Me?  I keep wondering why people keep ignoring the most obvious reason why the Idiot Jerk's days in the White House are seriously limited:  the numbers.  In the 2016 election, while you may have loved your own favorite candidate, most Americans saw both candidates as flawed.  Many thought the polls were accurate and were 'okay' with Clinton winning and since they believed she had it 'locked' they didn't vote.  Remember how stunned the entire country was when the results came out, that the Idiot Jerk had managed to... win.  People turned out to vote him who had never voted before in their lives, while voters who thought Clinton was a sure winner stayed home and watched Netflix.  I don't know why so many people seem to be ignoring this one glaring fact.
And what about the GOP's Civil War?  What about that red meat?  They're cutting off their own legs to feed their anger.
The fact that eight and half months into the Idiot Jerk's presidency articles are coming out saying he has a lock on a 2020 re-election are funny as hell.  There isn't even a Democratic contender, let alone a Front Runner yet.  People are mad as hell that a minority group managed to get this scumbag into the Oval Office, and they are growing their anger.  Get ready!  The widow of Sgt La David Johnson is going to hand the Idiot Jerk and his deplorable supporters a plate of steaming shit this morning.



    now I didn't stay home; I voted; but I know others who DID sit home on their fat asses!

    1. Yeah, that sat home on their fat asses and look what they got.