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Monday, June 15, 2015

Yoga and the Dongle

So far a lot of my Physical Therapy has been exercises designed to strengthen my core muscles.  While I don't have a nice, cushy table at home to do them on, I do have a yoga mat I can use to cushion the floor.  Since I tend to be one of the Pro-active people, I've decided to do as much core training at home as possible.  Grabbing ye old yoga mat, I rolled it out on the floor of the weight training / computer room and got down on my back.

Yes, it's purple which is better than pink.
About 2 minutes after I started Seig started sniffing around my ear.  Now he's big for 5.5 months, weighing it at almost 60 lbs.  I said to him "go away," and, of course, still being very much a puppy, he ignored me.  Rather then stop what I was doing, I just closed my eyes just in case he decided to start washing my face.  He didn't.  So, I opened my eyes to see where he was and found that he was now standing directly over my head, sniffing at the weight bench.  This meant that his front feet were on the left side of my head and his rear feet were on the right side of my head... and I was looking directly up at his dongle.  So I laughed and said, "Seig, you got to move buddy, that's a little too close for comfort."

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