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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

The High Cost of Physical Therapy

I have 3 more sessions of Physical Therapy left before my prescription runs out.  This morning, when the receptionist asked if I wanted to schedule for next week, I told her I'd wait and see what my doctor said.  Her comment to me was "well, maybe you should see what your therapist thinks."  And, of course, I said "nope."  I like the people at Drayer. What they've been having me do has been helping, however they are expensive.  My consultation cost me, after insurance, $126 and my first session cost $59 on top of that.  For the next 3 sessions my cost was $86 per session because they added more exercises.  By the 5th session my cost had jumped up to $113 per session.  Oh, and until I fulfill my deductible, which is $1500 I will have to pay a large  percentage of each session's expense.  While I don't think I'll hit that $1500, I know I'll come close.  However, after I hit my deductible I'll only have to pay a $35 copay for each visit (right, like I'm going to continue going).  This is costing me way, way more money then it's worth.

Why do I say it's more then it's worth?  Because every exercise they have given me to do, I can do at home for free.  And it's not as though there is a lot of supervision, you know, like someone is hovering over me to verify I'm doing the exercises correctly (and I do get billed per exercise).  Two of the therapists are very good with observations, 3 are okay, and then there is this Blondie who walks away, maybe to get herself a beverage or perhaps talk to the receptionist.
Anyway, my point is that so far my therapy has consisted solely of 'core' exercises: leg abductions and variations of crunches, to strengthen my 'core' muscles.  Interestingly enough, I could join LA Fitness (or some other gym) for $100 and pay $30 per month ( access to a trainer is a little more) and get exactly the same workout / therapy.  That high cost I'm paying for my Physical Therapy would easily cover 3 or 4 years at a gym.  You shouldn't be surprised if I tell you I've already begun checking out gyms in the area.  So, unless my doctor says different, I'll probably start posting pics of the hotties at my new gym.

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