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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Caitlyn Jenner = Vargas Girl

Well, Caitlyn Jenner's pictorial spread for Vanity Fair has been released and people are practically swooning over themselves just to compliment the transformation.  If you happen to be a part of the Twitterverse and so much as hint that you're not too impressed, prepare to have your atoms smashed.  In fact, I just made a comment on my Facebook page regarding photoshopping and I'm getting smack back.  Let's be honest here, there's much more CGI going on in those photos then there was in Road Warrior - Glory Road.
The first thing I that went through my mind yesterday when I saw the pictures was "she looks like a Vargas Girl."  For those of you who don't know, a Vargas Girl was was a scantily clad cartoon figure in Playboy Magazine.  Every month there was a new Vargas Girl.  And yes, in case your wondering, a long time ago when I was in the Navy I did, on rare occasions look at a Playboy.

Vargas Girl

Let's be honest here, most men going through the transformation are not going to look like the photoshopped Caitlyn Jenner released upon the public, so it that the bar we want to set for them?  Is she supposed to be the standard bearer?  I think not.  The pictures are a little too phony for me.

Ms. Jenner
I do hope I'm not the only who can see the animation here.  I think people need to take a big step back here, I mean, your average Joe on the street is never going to be able to afford this amount of digital artwork.

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