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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

A technologist reveals the truth about physical therapy

While I was at Physical Therapy yesterday, I had a chance to talk with the technologist who did my EMG  and I can tell you he was quite surprised at how well I was doing.  Three months ago I could barely walk, and, as he put it, was "using my bones to walk rather then my muscles."  Back then he had told me my neuropathy as so bad I would probably require surgery to fix the problem.  Yesterday I did a little dance for him.  "That's simply amazing," he said, and went back to review his report.  When he returned I was already on the table with a 2 lb basketball between my knees doing an exercise which no doubt has some official name, I call it 'move that ball.'  Anyway, he reaffirmed that back then I had extensive nerve problems in both of my legs, though the weakness in my right leg was far more extensive than the weakness in my left leg.  And then he asked me what I had done.  So I told him I live alone and have 2 dogs, and back then Seig was barely 3 months old.  There was no way I could lay around.

Seig & Lilly making a mess of the living room with their black and white checked cow

He looked at my therapist and said "We have patients coming in here all of the time all hunched over and complaining they can't walk and they're in so much pain, if they did what you did we'd be out of a job."  Now I'm sure he was exaggerating somewhat, but I'm also fairly positive there is a lot of truth in what he said.   I know people who wear their ailments like merit badges.  When they bring up their health issues I always change the subject as fast as possible.  It's either that or tell them to just shut up and deal with it.

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