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Monday, June 9, 2014

Tom Cruise Flop-Flops

When I first saw the trailer for Edge of Tomorrow I was excited, since I like the sci-fi, action genre, until I saw the star was Tom Cruise.  The minute I saw he was involved I sighed, sat back in my movie theater seat, and wrote it off.  Evidently I wasn't the only one.  Opening weekend for Edge of Tomorrow was very bad, in fact I believe it was one of the worst openings ever for a Tom Cruise film.  It's a shame about the movie, since I'm sure it's probably very good.  I, however, like a lot of other people, don't really want to pay money for a Tom Cruise film.  In fact, I don't even rent them.  I'd like to watch Oblivion but something inside keeps me from renting it from Netflix.  In case you don't remember, Oblivion was last year's Tom Cruise flop - hence the flop - flops.  It's also a shame for his co-stars, last year it was Morgan Freeman, this year Emily Blunt; when you make a movie you want people to go see it.  The saying in Hollywood is "you're only as good as your last film," and these actors deserve better.  On a bright note for Mr. Cruise, the audiences seem to like it in South Korea and China, it's just everybody else who seems to pass on his films.

Ten years ago Edge of Tomorrow would have been a home run, but then a lot of things can happen in ten years.  Tom married Katie Holmes, they had a daughter they named after an Iphone assistant, then they were divorced.  He starred in the remake of War of the Worlds, which I did pay to see... and I hated.  He showed up a couple of years ago at the Academy Awards and instead of people talking about how good he looked for hitting 50, they gossiped about how much plastic surgery he must have had.  He's a Christian Scientist and they don't believe in anesthesia since it renders you unconscious, so if he has gone under the knife it had to have been with a helatious amount of local anesthesia.  Can't you hear some crazy doctor saying "in order to make you look younger, we're going to shave away some of your cheekbones to keep them sharp and youthful looking."  Ouch!

Emily, blame Tom!!

People just don't care about him anymore, and they don't care about his films.  This happens to most actors and they move onto supporting roles.  I doubt if Tom Cruise will ever be a supporting actor.  He's too odd.  Audiences don't mind if the actors they are watching on the screen are eccentric, they don't, however, want them to be weird in an "euwh" sort of way.  Unfortunately for Tom, I suspect most people feel he is so very, very close to being borderline.

I'm sure he's placing the blame for lackluster ticket sales on the way the film was merchandised.  He's wrong, of course.  If this film had starred anybody else I'd have been to see it already, except maybe Shia Leboef.  Anyway, now we're all going to have to wait, without baited breaths I might add, to see if Tom continues his series of flops.  Will a pattern emerge that sounds a lot like flop,flop, flop, flop, flop? 

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