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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Apple Heads and Me

A couple days back Apple had its annual celebration of all things Apple.  I wasn't there, of course, I wasn't invited.  Announcements are usually made at the WWDC, hints of wonderful, new toys coming down the pike.  This year, however, the only really momentous moment seemed to center about the reveal of Yosemite, the new Apple OS.  The Apple Heads went wild.  Everybody else scratched their head because Yosemite is edging towards compatibility with other Operating Systems.  I'm not up with all of the lingo jingo, but apparently now you'll be able to use other, non-Apple keyboards with Apple computers, and some of the changes will replicate services already performed by Android Apps.  This makes me wonder if maybe the Pudding Heads at Apple have realized their future as isolationists is limited; the entire world will not go head over heels for Apple.  This is something Microsoft learned with their Xbox One fiasco, hence the big shake-up rattling through the rafters over at Microsoft.  There will be no Number One but there will be a lot of peaks.

For those of you who don't know, Apple Heads is the collective term I use for all of those individuals who are totally entranced with everything Apple.  They Love It.  From Ipads, to Ipods, to Mac Pros, to Imacs, to you name it, they own it.  This doesn't mean I'm anti-Apple.  I have two Ipods, one syncs and one doesn't however all of the downloaded music on them was not purchased through Itunes, but rather through  Amazon is less expensive then Itunes.  An Apple Head doesn't care about the price.  

I actually own four computers, six if you count the tablet and the phone, one of which is a very large Imac located up in what my friends call The Compu-Gym-Music room.  I use that computer almost as much as the Samsung gaming laptop down in the down in the dining room.  It's a decent computer even though I hate stacks.  I have a friend who owns everything Apple, he thinks stacks are the greatest.  That's why he's an Apple Head and I'm not.  I don't hold it against him.  He's a very nice guy.  He is the perfect Apple customer.  If they put it on the market, he will buy it.  

Of course this is nothing new, manufacturers have always wanted to build a loyal customer base who would return over and over and over again.  At one point in our electronic history, General Electric was the "go to company."  Radios, televisions, washing machines, power generators at the Hoover Dam, if it ran on electricity it was made by General Electric.  Times have changed.  This year at the WWDC Apple seemed to be signaling to the world that they understand.  Apple Heads will always be Apple Heads, they will change as does the company.  Will they understand what's happening?  Probably not.  If they do, all Apple needs to do is flash a Purple Plaid Iphone in front of their eyes and whisper "look what's new this year."


  1. Years ago Apple developed a program that ran windows. They're doing the same thing now. Apple and Google (Android) understand and are positioned for cloud based computing -- something MS doesn't understand and if fighting against. Apple is way bigger than Android. Let's see if anyone else creates a OS as strong and as flexible as Apple does. And no, I don't consider myself an Apple Head.