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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Beef-aroni Blowout

I like to cook and there are several foods I'm very good at preparing, according to a number of people.  One of those is my pasta sauce, which is very vegetable chunky.  I never puree.  I believe that if you like your pasta al dente, then your sauce should have a bit of bite as well.  As a result I never buy anything which is jarred, canned, or frozen, most especially the pre-cooked pasta dishes.  Let me be more specific.  If "Boyardee" is in the name, I treat the product the same as if it were a Bio-hazard.  In other words, I avoid it like the plague.  Others eat these products though, most likely, I suspect, those with childish palates.

The foods were originated by Ettoire Boiardi back in the mid-twenties.  Supposedly, the name was changed to Boyardee so people would pronounce it correctly.  this may be, but let's be honest, back in 1928 Boyardee both looked and sounded a lot less Italian then Boiardi.  I hope that back then it also had more nutritional value then it does today.  Let's be honest, what sits on supermarket shelves today is just a lot of bad, bad, bad calories.  You want to scare the crap out of yourself?  Check out the expiration dates and see how long that pasta has been noodling away in that tomato goo.  You can buy a can today and let it sit in your cupboard until 2016.  Would you really want to eat something which has been sitting in a can for that long?

And the deal of the day is?

Now, let me be honest, when I was a young child my Mom did serve me Chef Boyardee for lunch, most often it was Spagheti-O's.  Even back then I could tell the sauce was bland.  Every body else's Mom was serving up Beef-aroni, but all I ever got was Spagheti-O's, and some sort of ravioli stuffed with phony, pureed meat. I don't remember when, but at some point my Mom wised up and realized that meals needed to consist of more then fat calories dosed heavily with sodium.  You would think in today's world with nutritional values labels on everything parents would buy smarter for their kids.  They don't.  I stopped by my local Giant Supermarket today and the Boyardee section is one of their specials.  Wow, they have more quantities available on an endcap.  It's cheap way to fill a little belly.  That's all it is.  Just think, for the current going rate you could have one helatious Beef-aroni Blowout. 

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