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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Jan Brewer - wreckage

If I were Jan Brewer, I would not be happy.  According many media sources she is poised to veto the hate bill in Arizona.  What kind of message is that sending to her loyal, socially conservative base?  She vetoed a similar measure last year which, I'm sure, did not please them.  These are people who spent their time and money to make sure she was re-elected.  They are expecting results from her, compensation of some sort, for their hard work.  Is she going to give it to them with this bill?  Well, you could say she is going to give it to them, but not they way they want.  The would love her to sign it just so the bill would end up in the court system.  Do you think they care how much such a thing would cost the state of Arizona?  Hell no.  They want to raise their tiny fists in the air and shriek " active courts are ruining this country!  They overturning the laws we love!"  You see, that gives them some justification for their bigotry.  And of course, Jan Brewer is in the middle of this shit storm.

Jan Brewer is a 69 year-old, white conservative.  While she may claim to be pro-business, there is no denying she is your stereotypical aging Republican.  And she is being forced into taking a moderate position.  This must almost be ripping out her heart.  The pressure to veto is coming from the business community (they don't like to see dollars and cents fly out their doors).  They've already lost a Superbowl because the state voted against Martin Luther King Day, and the prospect of losing another because of bigotry is burning their butts.  I suspect there is also a lot of pressure coming down from the GOP hierarchy.  Every time some branch of the far right manages to pull a stunt like this the entire party looks bad, and the party wants to win a presidential election.  "Yo, Jan, do you want to be one of reasons the 2016 presidency goes to the Democrats... again?"

What a wreck

It is a sad statement about her governorship when she allows such a piece of legislation to make it to her desk.  She was not oblivious to what her fellow Republicans were doing in the Arizona state House and Senate.  This was not done in secret, or behind her back.  The backers were putting this together in broad daylight.  They didn't tack it on to some overblown piece of legislation and try to sneak it through,  Nope, they new they were going to make headlines and she evidently approved, or she would have stopped them.  What a piece of wreckage she is, either that or she's a stupid, peroxide blonde.

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