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Saturday, February 15, 2014

Evil Comcast raises its monstrous head

Comcast wants to buy Time-Warner and negotiations have a reached a point where it will be up to the SEC to decide if the deal goes through.  I'm hoping the vote it down.  Comcast is big enough.  .If a thousand people suddenly raised their hands in anger and shouted "enough price increases!" do you think Comcast would care.  Not a bit.  You see they are already so big that their average customer has become infinitesimally small.  They would not even notice a thousand people protesting Comcast's ever increasing prices because those people are so teeny, weeny, small and unimportant.  Would twenty thousand make a difference?  Nope, not at all.  Remember, Comcast is very big... and they want to get even bigger.  They want to rule the world.  Well, maybe not the entire world, but they do want to rule the cable and entertainment industry.  They want to call the shots.  They want to tell you how much you're going to have to pay for the channels you want to watch.  You can bet if the Comcast / Time Warner deal goes through those deals are not going to get all sugary sweet.  The exact opposite will happen.  They will sour your wallet.

Now I know there are people out there who are claiming this will never happen.  Those people are either dumb as bricks or Comcast lackeys on the payroll.  Of course they're going to raise their prices in what they consider a timely manner.  Every expense they experience will increase your rates, and they will go up.

Their rates are high already.  Here, let me give you an example.  My contract with Fios just expired and I decided to call around, since I think they, too, are fairly expensive.  The Comcast Customer Service Agent turned out to be a real asshole.  After explaining why I was checking out prices and what I was interested in (cable and Internet only) he quoted me a price of $180 (plus) and that cost included phone.  I reminded him I was not interested in phone service.  He could not understand why I would be turning down such a 'great deal.'  So, I reiterated again, just cable and Internet, and his tone began verging toward rude.  Now I don't know, maybe their agents get a little bit of bonus when they sign a customer up for the Triple Play and maybe that was his real incentive, but he was not listening to me at all.  When I finally did get him to understand what it was I wanted, he quoted me a price which was $2 more then what I am already paying for Fios, and his cost did not include any taxes or rental fees.

This is what many millions of Americans have to deal with right now.  If the deal with Time / Warner goes through, many more millions will be cursed with the monster called Comcast.  They will screw the American people over and tell them to shut up because they're getting a good deal.

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