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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Judy Cox - t-shirt protester

One of the first things I do every morning, after starting a pot of coffee, is scan down through the breaking news on different websites.  I like to be informed, you know, and entertained, and sometimes my mouth drops open in one of those WTF moments which leave me incredulously dumbfounded.  One of those moments happened this morning when I saw some "mom' out in Orem, UT purchased over $500 worth of T-shirts.  Evidently she found the display tasteless, since the shirts contained images of scantily clad females in provocative positions, and, since store management refused to take them out of the window, she bought them.  We have Spencer's Gift store in this area of the country and some of their merchandise tends towards the vulgar side, so I thought, well, maybe this is the type of T-shirt she is protesting.  Being curious, I went to the Pacsun website to see exactly what kind of T-shirts they sold.  After looking at over 346 T-shirts, I'd only found 5 or 6 decorated with bikini clad women.  I work in retail, dealing with building contractors, some of whom wear really vulgar T-shirts and I can tell you those at Pacsun were extremely mild in comparison. 

This got me thinking, maybe this 'mom' (real name Judy Cox) is a little bit wacked, so I did an image search on her.  She doesn't look crazy in the pictures I found, however, she does look extremely judgmental.  I could easily see her as one of the driving figures in the temperance movement, that wrongfully failed attempt to dry the country out. She looks like one of those women who find it easy to sniff with disdain, who find it easier to dislike vocally then to ignore.  The pictures I saw were those of someone who wants to be a person of authority.  Her eighteen year old son was with her when she first complained to the Pacsun management and then purchased the shirts to protect the community from their vulgarity.  If I were him, I'd be embarrassed as hell.  What do you think his friends are saying?  "Hey, your Mom is so cool, she raided Pacsun and made the news!"  Or, are they laughing at him, or even worse, does he even have friends.

So, how much did sales increase?

I suspect a lot of people out there were just like me and hit the website.  For all I know, Judy Cox's moment of prudish behavior may have actually triggered an increase in sales, which, I'm sure was not her intention at all.  With over 6200 stores nationwide, I doubt if Pacsun is going to change their marketing strategy because of one whining woman.  Did she succeed in changing any thing?  Not one bit.  Though, I'm certain that in her mind she feels she's been extremely successful.  Now everybody know to watch out for Judy, she's a real bitch.

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  1. judy cox, sold her soul for $600 for 15 min. a judgmental fundie who's priorities are really messed up.
    this woman needs to see a therapist, maybe a rubber room.
    i wonder.. about abuse also? i wonder what kind of house she keeps?
    this is insane and very concerning.
    i am worried for her children.