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Monday, February 24, 2014

Fixing Windows 8 - Microsoft begins to see reality

Surprise, guess what Microsoft is doing?  Updating Windows 8.1 this spring.  And one of the things they are going to be doing is making the User Interface (UI) more efficient with a keyboard and mouse.  So, it looks as though they are going to be fixing another one of Window's 8's mistakes.  Believe me, it was a mistake.  Eleven months ago when I got my newest laptop I was only slightly enthused to see it came with Windows 8.  Now, don't get me wrong, I like Microsoft, but sometimes those pudding heads running the show just don't think.  It's like they put their heads together and come up with one uniformed thought which goes something like this:  We're so big and powerful we can do what want.  What are the Consumers going to do, dump all of their PC's and buy IMACS?"  So, eleven months ago when I powered up my new laptop and saw Windows I was the OS I groaned.  Feeling that I'd probably been stuck with something I wasn't going to like but was going to have to make do with, I watch the cute, little tutorial videos.  To my dismay they were all about touch screens.  Someone should have told those shit heads at Microsoft that my newly purchased, and fairly expense laptop, did not come with a touch screen.  I don't know which jelly brain in their corporate offices made the decision to crap on those of us who use and mouse and keyboard, but he made it.

The update announcement, which was confirmed yesterday by some voice at Microsoft, had been leaked earlier.  In that leak I was surprised to see Microsoft was claiming that 40% of all devices with Windows 8 installed were touch screen enabled.  When I saw that percentage all I could do was shake my head.  They were going to screw over the majority of PC and laptop owners (60%) to satisfy a minority.  So, their real target customer was those owners of tablets and smart phones, no doubt because a bunch of pudding heads put their noggins together and decided that PC's and laptops are going the way of the dinosaur.  Another bit of bullshit thinking.  We owners of PC's and laptops do not go out and buy a brand new one every two years the way phone owners and tablet owners do. We use ours for working, rather then playing, and as a result can hold on to them for 7 or 8 years.  And if you're really computer savvy you just upgrade your aging computer.  It's a lot less expense to add more memory or increase your RAM then it is to buy a new computer.  Only a fool would buy a new computer if you can snap in a new video or sound card for a fraction of the money.  But those pinheads don't think that way.  If you're not constantly buying the latest laptop or PC then those devices must be dying off.  What horseshit.

One of the funniest things about reading the link above is that the horse's ass who released it makes a comment which goes something like this:  we don't want all of our touch screen users to think we're forgetting about them.  Hey, dumbshit, you crapped on a majority just to try and increase your market share among a minority.  Who the hell did you forget in the first place?  Maybe they still don't see the whole picture.

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