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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Microsoft, vampires extraordinaire

There's a lot of what I call hubba bubba going on right now about the NSA and its information gathering techniques.  Some groups are shrieking "No. No. No."  Others are more willowy saying "this is what it takes to keep the country safe."  Many are trying to find out as much about Edward Snowden as possible, curious as to why such an unimposing figure might attempt to raise himself to such a level of notoriety.  Too many do not understand by pointing the finger at the Federal Government he has taken it off of the real culprits.  All of the media giants have released statements noting all of the times the NSA has gone to them asking for data.  Wait a minute.  If the Government is spying on American citizens, why does it need to go to Apple, and Yahoo, and Verizon, and Comcast, and Microsoft to get information.  Surely the all powerful government would have that data clenched tightly in its palms.  But that doesn't seem to be the case, does it?  What Edward Snowden did was demonize the NSA  and turn the media giants into victims: poor Apple, poor Yahoo, pure bullshit.  Think about who truly is gathering information about you and your loved ones every time you text or email.  Just think, Edward Snowden might be nothing more then a dupe, a foil, a red herring in the mystery of intelligence gathering.

A dork in the tunnel of information
Who is the real culprit?  The media giants, they are the real players in this game.  If you have bundled your Internet, Cable and Phone service through Verizon, think of all of the data you are supplying to them daily. The same is true with Comcast.  Right now Microsoft is trying to burrow its way into private lives like no other entity in history with the Xbox One.  Just think, it comes with a Kinect, you know, that little device with a built in camera and microphone.  Sure, they have tried to temper fears saying you can pause the Kinect if you want, but how many are going to remember to do that?  Supposedly, when the console is turned off, it's only listening for the command, "xbox on."  So, how many three year-olds are going to walk into a room and say those words without Mommy or Daddy knowing.  Think about it, Microsoft is really trying to be Big Brother.  You know what they say about vampires?  They can't come into your house unless you invite them in.  Guess who's out to suck the blood of your privacy?

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