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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Jimmy Swaggart - Christian Parasite

I had a nice conversation with my brother this morning about our Mother who will be 80 on July 1.  She had, some time ago, said that she wanted me to added to her checking account so, should the need arise, I'd be able to write checks.  We haven't really pushed this since she is still mentally aware.  However, while I was visiting her yesterday she said she'd been watching Jimmy Swaggart.  It was the mention of his name which actually prompted this morning's conversation.  Many years ago my grandmother had been a fan his and upon her death discovered she'd been sending him checks regularly.  What appalled us was the total dollar amount she'd given, $10 or $25 every week for over four years, all from an elderly woman living only on social security.  That's a lot of money given to a man who's been caught whoring twice, at least that's the number of times it's made it into the news.  In my book that makes him a whore monger.  He is one of those unfortunate evils in Christianity, a Christian Parasite, preying upon the weak, the elderly, the down trodden.  "Let the Lord into your hearts and send me your dollars, now watch me cry so I can prove my sincerity."  This guy is the scum.  This is why either my brother, or myself, is going to have access to her checking account.  You see our Mother is living on a fixed income.  We do not want her sending money to this blood sucker which might be needed to pay for her medications, and she has several.  We do not want her trying to survive on $1.50 frozen dinners in order for his 'ministries' to buy him a new car.  He is worse then at persistent mosquito which drones near your ear in the middle of the night.  Eventually that mosquito will either fly away or bite you once and then fly away.  Swaggart is constantly droning in your ear "Let the Lord into your hearts and send me your dollars." 

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