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Saturday, May 11, 2013

There are pudding heads at Microsoft!

For those of you who didn't know, not too long ago Microsoft came out with a new product they called Windows 8.  I'd heard about it but not experienced the joy until I purchased a Samsung laptop (mostly for gaming) and discovered the pre-installed OS was Windows 8.  Five seconds after playing with it I realized there were some really high level pudding heads at Microsoft.  They have foisted an operating system on the public which is primarily designed for tablets and phones, not for laptops or PC's.  On a tablet or phone, a single swipe will scroll your apps either to the left or to the right, on a laptop you need to use your arrow keys to get to the desired app.  If you use your mouse and it strays to close to the right hand side your "charms" pop up, and then you have to wait for them to disappear to continue. You need to corner you mouse in the lower left hand corner to get to your actual desktop,  which is where I do most of my games are loaded.  You would have thought some pudding head at Microsoft would have realized most small businesses are not going to want their associates dicking around with a bunch of apps.  No, they want their associates working.

I read where one of the pudding brains at Microsoft was touting the fact that 100 millions licenses for Windows 8 had been sold.  She did not say there were that many satisfied customers, in fact customer sat did not even enter the news release.  However, if you do a search, there are vast numbers who are not happy.  Quite a number are running Windows 7 instead of the new OS and I suspect it's all because of the new Start screen.  I'm sure there were not be nearly the number of complaints if it were effective on desktops and laptops instead of being a massive waste of time.  How bad is the problem?  I understand that a number of the pudding brains at Microsoft have decided to pool their intelligence, the end result being a major patch which is supposed to be released in September.

Microsoft should have approached Windows 8 from two different angles since they do have two disparate customers, those who mainly use PC's and laptops, and those who use tablets and phones.  While some of us may have both of these product lines, the OS on each group needs to be different.   Instead they chose to lump them altogether and ended up with this fiasco that will probably, in the long run cost them more then they even vaguely anticipated.  It's time for the pudding heads at Microsoft to put on their thinking caps.

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