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Thursday, May 2, 2013

Ronald Reagan is killing the GOP

I have to admit that now and then I really do have to laugh at the GOP because  long time ago they had this candidate named Ronald Reagan who managed to get himself elected president.  They have put him on this Olympic sized pedestal because of his landslide re-election.  Even though his second term in office was quite flawed, they have transcended him into almost god-like status.  What they failed to realize was that by doing so they were initiating the slow death of the Republican Party.  They didn't understand that by being an older gentleman, and surviving an assassination attempt, he had become a grandfather figure to many Americans.  They voted for him in such numbers because they liked him, not necessarily his politics.  They still don't understand his politics had nothing to do with his massive re-election.  Of course, the GOP will never honestly evaluate his second election.  They aspire to greatness.  Like the aging beauty queen, they pack on pounds of makeup to gloss over their wrinkles in order to see beauty every time they look into the mirror of the past.  By doing so,  they are letting Ronald Reagan kill the Republican Party.

Grandfather figure and Party Killer

During his second term in office a lot of shit went down.  There was this little thing called the Iran-Contra Affair in which the United States sold weapons to it's enemies in order for those enemies to get them in the hands of the Contra Rebels in Central America.  Oops, not a good thing.  If I remember correctly, he was the first sitting president forced to testify before Congress because of it.  And the Republicans fell into a frenzy of hate which still rankles them to this day.   They believed his amazing re-election gave them free reign to to what ever they wanted.  They were terribly wrong.  Instead of trying to comprehend this, they went to the dark side.  Every president they have gotten elected since then has lived down to the standards they, themselves, have set in their hearts.  By failing to grasp the true nature of that election they have done themselves in, Ronald Reagan is truly killing the GOP.  Slowly, but surely, he is wiping them out.

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