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Friday, May 3, 2013

The sad lesson Kelly Ayotte is learning

The legislation on background checks for those wanting to purchase firearms failed, I was not surprised, even though, from what I've read, a large majority of Americans would prefer them.  However, there have been interesting results as a result of the vote.  Some Republicans have found their  poll numbers dropping, Kelly Ayotte from New Hampshire is one of them.  A few days ago she held a previously scheduled town hall and came face to face with those disgruntled voters who put her into office.  It was not a good day for her because she was forced to defend her vote.  I've seen videos of her standing there, water bottle clasped to her chest as though it might offer her some protection, and felt somewhat sad for her, but only somewhat.  As a public official, she was voted into office to represent the people of New Hampshire, not the Republican Party.  I don't care if you're a Democrat or a Republican, you are in Washington to represent the people of your state.  You need to give them your allegiance.  You are their voice.  You are their vote.  This is what makes a good politician.

Kelly Ayotee, good senator or good Republican?

I understand that on the day of this town hall Ms Ayotte showed up with a Power  Point to explain her vote.  Bad idea; if you need to rely on a Power Point to explain yourself then you've made a mistake.  She was not voted into office to be a loyal Republican.  She is in the United States Senate to represent the majority of the people of New Hampshire; sometimes this means acting like an Independent and voting against the party line.  She is learning a sad lesson and a good one.  The people who elected you are not cows easily led by the nose, they will not always low quietly while you present a Power Point.  They have minds and wants and needs, and most importantly they have beliefs and opinions and votes.  The sad lesson Ms Ayotte is learning?  The voices of the people of New Hampshire are the ones which count.  When they whisper in her ear, she needs to listen. 

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