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Friday, May 3, 2013

The GOP has a problem with flexibility

I used to work with a chubby, little guy who could easily have passed for one of Santa's elves, given a change of attire, who constantly damned the LIBERAL MEDIA. Everything disagreeing with Beck, Drudge or Limbaugh was a lie.  I was truly amazed that someone could be so far to the right that even centrist opinions were the spawn of the devil. Any spoken word with even a hint of dissent was dismissed.  This is the type of thinking which puts oligarchs into power.  Of course, he was a Republican. Sadly to say, there are a lot of people out there who believe the same shit he does.   Being someone in the middle, I am always amazed that these people do not understand they are the mirror image of those on the left.  Actually, they are more like the mirror image of the mirror image because every time someone disagrees with them they criticize.  What an easy life it is for them.  Their approach reminds me quite a lot of the old Communist regimes in which dissenting voices were sent to gulags.  There is no flexibility for them, no compromise for them; so rigidly is the pole holding up their beliefs mutual concession is not an option.  There is none

Dissenting or middle of the road, make you choic

now and never will be a middle ground.  Too bad for the GOP, for it is in this unyielding ground which they have chosen to plant their seed. They have chosen a "take no hostages" attitude towards the American voter, which is why they are having problems.  Compromise is not a word in their lexicon, yet compromise is necessary for survival.  For your average married couple, give and take is what keeps them married.  The Republicans don't want a marriage with the American people, they want sole ownership.   They want a Leave it to Beaver relationship with Ward setting the rules.  As a result, they are slowly losing voters.  If the far right doesn't move more then a little to the center they are dead in the water.

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