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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Pudding head dentists

My dentist is not very happy with me, not at all.  My dental plan covers your basic cleanings, fillings of two sides, and extractions if necessary, but not much more.  Every time I go to the dentist my hygienist gives me a periodontal exam, which is not covered in my plan.  I just called and had them permanently cancel that particular exam because I got tired of paying money out of my pocket every year for something that never changed.  My gums are in good shape, but that didn't stop my provider from performing and charging me twice a year for an exam that really was not that necessary.  My dentist would also like to put a number of crowns in my mouth so I might have a perfect smile.

This is not me!!

Are they necessary?  Hell no.  I have been an avid milk drinker since early childhood.  I still drink at least one glass a day, sometime more.  All that calcium has given me strong teeth and bones.  I didn't need to go through an extraction because the tooth, which had crown on it, had cracked.  It took my dentist almost 2 hours to get that tooth out of my mouth.  So why does he feel I need to put crowns on 5 or 6 teeth?  Most likely to put money in his pocket.  When he started counting off those crowns I interrupted and told him that I had been proactive.  I had already checked with Met Life to see what was covered.  Even if I were paying for their most expensive, most comprehensive plan, the end result would still be several thousands of dollars out of my pocket.   Of course, he doesn't really care who pays for it, as long as somebody does.  The poor man doesn't understand how much of a pudding head he is, and he's not alone.  Ain't that a shame?  So, he isn't happy with me.  Tough shit.

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