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Monday, January 9, 2012

This may not seem like that important of a topic, but it is.  First, you climbed on a scale and discovered you’re a porko.  Second, you wrapped a tape measure around your biceps and realized how small they really are, and then you wrapped it around your gut and nearly shit a brick because you were horrified to realize that the fattage stretched across those inches was in comparirison to the acreage of Central Park, well maybe not quite that large.  Still, as time passes, as it always does, you want to have a record of the results of you endeavors.  How you do this is really up to your own personal preference.  I put together a small Excel spreadsheet.   One page documents the workouts, the other lists my results so I can easily click from one page to the other in order to compare my results.  You don’t need to keep it on a computer, pen and paper are just fine.  I don’t care if you carve your numbers on the damn wall like some neolith, you just need to keep track of them.

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