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Monday, January 30, 2012

From Ebay to EH? Booo!

I remember when Ebay was really something special.  Hell, I was on it every night, if bidding away into the wee hours of the morning then at least building a bidding strategy.  Back then, Ebay was an actual auction where you could bid as fast as your internet connection could post your bid.  I scored some really sweet deals, I also stepped in a couple piles of shit.  And then something happened, Ebay began to change, the sweetness soured because, according to Ebay, sellers were not happy.  They complained that they were not getting the true value for the products they were auctioning.  How stupid were these morons, sounds a lot like porko deluxe thinking if you ask me?   There is no guarantee in an auction.  But these pinheads wanted to make more money.  Since Ebay makes their money by charging commission, they tweeked things a bit to placate the sellers, thereby increasing their own revenue.  And the sellers were happy because they could basically eliminate the auction element and have their customers "buy now!"  I stopped buying things on Ebay because this tweeking eliminated the chance of getting a steal.  Did things really improve for the sellers?  Hell no.  I know a woman who sells jewlry through Ebay and she was just complaining how she now has to pay a percentage of the shipping and handling charges she charges her customers to Ebay.  She is not your normal bean brain and should have expected this, but, of course, she didn't.  For you zippos out there who don't understand, let me explain.  Ebay is a corporation whose main goal is not to provide a service, it's to make a profit by providing a service.  Like most corporations, they forecast an increase in profit every year.  To make that profit they will do what ever is necessary.  If that means pissing off some of their sellers, they will, after all, where else are these greedy pinheads hawk their wares?

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