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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The Dumb Ass Diet

So what is the Dumb Ass Diet?  I haven’t written it yet but be fair warned all you porko deluxes out there, it is going to right up your alley, or should I say snack food aisle.  Quite possibly there might be a smidgen of Paula Deen in the recipes, you know who she is, don’t you?  She’s the porky cook who can’t breath with out snorting butter up her nose.  It’s in every thing she cooks and she makes / made no bones about it; without butter every recipe was garbage.  Diagnosed with diabetes three years ago, she continued to foist high fat, high cholesterol foods down the public’s throat.  

Eat Butter or Die!

Of course, she was making a lot of money during that time so really what everything boils down to is this:  she had to choice between ethics and greed and she chose greed.  I suspect she cut back on the amount of fat in her diet privately, but not publicly since it wouldn’t do to have the world know she had stopped cut back on the butter.  Any way, the Dumb Ass Diet is for all you morons out there who don’t realize Paula Deen made a very bad choice.  Why?  Because all of you will make the same bad choice and buy into a Dumb Ass Diet, then maybe I can make money the way Paula Deen did:  falsely.

Hey morons, let's chow down with Paula!

Do you think I'm really going to eat this?

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