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Monday, January 2, 2012

After the weigh in (pt A)

Okay, so now that you've climbed on and off the scale and and didn't shit a brick because you've already known for some time that you're fat, it's time to put a little time into debating whether or not you're do anything about it.  Most of you are going to say ‘yeah!’ with umph emphasis, it’s the New Year isn’t it, when everybody makes resolutions?   The problem is that most of you, especially if you're a porko, if you look like one of these,


you are going to fail miserably; so much is stacked against you.  Taking off poundage means changing your diet and your lifestyle, you can’t do one without the other and for you to be successful this needs to be a permanent change.  Temporary is bullshit.  Those who only want to take off a couple of pounds because they’re going to a reunion, or a wedding, or they need to fit into that old suit for some reason, have already failed.  When you binge diet you always gain back a pound or two more because you need to compensate for “the pain and suffering” of limiting your food intake.  You may not think you’re doing it, but you are slowly, ounce by ounce adding to the corpulent roundness that makes you the porko you are.  This is one of the reasons you gained 20 plus pounds during your middle-age years.  Think of it as the price you paid for sitting on your ass every evening watching TV. Taking it off is going to be much more difficult then putting on!  You'll be sweating either your cojones or you tatas off before you can once again look at your naked reflection in a mirror and give yourself a little leer because even at your age your finding yourself a little hot.

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