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Monday, September 9, 2019

Swifty gets Tooled

Well, it's Monday.  I have the day off.  Plans were in the works to go see "It, Chapter 2" this evening... I've asked for a postponement until next weekend.  I have so much crap to do today.  Blame goes to the split days off.  I hate them.  Catching up, not only on my household chores, but also my 'to do' list, is virtually impossible.
I see where the Idiot Jerk's planned Koffee Klatch with the Taliban crashed and very publicly burned badly.  In case you didn't realize it, this was part of his re-election strategy.  You know?  On 9/11 announce that a 'peace accord' had been reached with the Taliban... the guys who shielded Bin Laden for all those years.  His base, his adoring fan club, would have heralded this enormous breakthrough causing a lot of voters to see him as a 'peacemaker.'  They don't realize it's all done for PR.  They're trying to make this Idiot Jerk look pretty.  They were hoping for another 'North Korean' breakthrough... except that one is rapidly falling apart.  Kim Dumb Junk got exactly what he wanted, acceptance as the legitimate ruler of a ruthless dictatorship.  Remember when the Idiot Jerk said that Kim "had to make some difficult decisions?"  The only thing the Idiot Jerk is any good at is blowing smoke up the asses of his believers.
And this 2nd bit is for Bob.  If he hasn't heard this, it may actually make him squeal with delight.  The rabid fan base of his least favorite pop start Taylor Swift, (Swifty, as he calls her) evidently have burning diarrhea of the mouth.  For those who don't know, she's the one with CGI lyrics who sells millions of $$$ in music to pop fans who love floundering around in the shallow depths of her emotion.  Yeah, you know what I mean... she's the white version of Beyonce.  But then, that's why they're Pop Stars... they go Pop!
Anyway, Taylor released an album called "Lover," (I think that's what it's called) about a week ago and it shrieked to the number one position in the charts.  She loves being in number one.  However, one week later a Rock & Roll group named Tool (don't you just love that name?) released an album called Fear Inoculum.  Holy Shit!  Sales are great!  In fact, they're so great Tool has knocked Taylor's ass out of the number one spot... after only one week.  That's right, she was only number one for one week.  I like Tool.  I have a number of their albums.  Isn't it great when Rock & Roll puts Pop in the shallow end of the pool?  For those who've never heard them, here's the title track of their new album, the one that kicked Swifty into the gutter.



    check out this neat bicycle invention in norway, courtesy of my friend mitchell's blog.

    the dump, his family, and every GOPrick are tools.

    1. Interesting, but... where's the fun in that? One of the great things about hills is the sense of accomplishment after you make it to the top. There's no dopamine rush. :)

  2. Oh, I am squealing with deeeeee-light.
    Swifty Got Tooled!

  3. I thought you'd like that. Evidently her teeney keeney fans are saying some really ugly things on Social Media.

  4. Hahahahaha Cheeto’s scheme didn’t work. Of course the Taliban is gonna fuck up. Duh. Hannity was touting his ‘peacemaking skills’. Like you said, it was a scheme aimed towards the trumpanzees. And did you read he also managed to fuck up the fact that the USA had a spy close to Vlad and had to pull them off the work cause Cheeto and his stupid mouth would have put them in danger? What an idiot. Pussy ass bitch, indeed, Chrissy!


    1. I saw that Tiegen thing - that was very, very funny.