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Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Political Constipation

It's Tuesday... I get to go back to work after my one day off... for another 5 days.  Of, course, then I do have three off in a row so I guess I shouldn't complain too much.
My neighbors bought a new car.  For years they had a small Jeep SUV, now they own a small Mitsubishi SUV....  I researched Mitsubishi SUV's several times in the past which is why, when I decided to buy I purchased a Subaru.  Their new car has 4 Wheel Drive, mine has All Wheel Drive.  In this part of the country, where we can get a moderate snow depth in winter, All Wheel Drive is better.  He and his wife were excited that now they can drive on the beach when they visit their daughter, who lives in Maryland.  Hhhhmm.
An update on The Body in the Well.  I'm moving in Chapter 18, tentatively titled 'Special Delivery.'  Total word count is 40700 (actually at little higher), and it is now legally considered a novella.
I do have an Instagram account and have been attempting to post more often.  Yesterday I add the cover of The Body in the Tower with the tag line "care for a little murder with your Tour de France?"
There's a special election down in North Carolina today.  The Idiot Jerk campaigned there last evening.  The morally corrupt GOP desperately need to win this.  The Idiot Jerk won there by 12% during his campaign of lies.  And this special election is close... too close to call, which is why the Idiot Jerk was there.  The GOP are scared shitless.  Too close to call in a district the Moral Degenerate swept is their nightmare coming true.  I don't know if the Democrats will win, I'd like them to, but let's be honest, coming within 1% of victory will constipate the GOP for months.
I wasn't going to ride yesterday... but of course I did.  8.5 miles on that ride that's supposed to take me to the Blue Lagoon.  You know, the Blue Lagoon in Iceland?  Anyway, I did that in 30 minutes.  Since I'm in this cycling challenge to ride 5 days a week for 4 weeks, I've decided to focus on my leg strength rather than distance, though I'm still planning on a couple of rides that have some mileage.  I've improved since the last time I rode this route.  Then it took me an hour to do 12 miles.  Hills are good.
As for Boris?  I understand he's just order a case of Dulcolax.


  1. Sadly, the British now know exactly how America feels to have a buffoon in charge.

    1. Unfortunately, these buffoons are going to do so much damage.

  2. It would just be nice to have a president again in the next big election. We've been almost 4 years with out one.

  3. I hope those GOPrick mofos lose BIGLY tonight!