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Tuesday, September 3, 2019

In Summation

Well, it's Tuesday and I get to go back to work.  This little stint is going to be 4 days long.  I'm off on Saturday.  It's Kid's Workshop.  I've been requesting off the first Saturday of every month so I don't have to deal with the 300 + kiddies and their pounding little hammers.
I'm interested to see how prices have gone up.  They started increasing about 3 weeks ago.  One thing to keep in mind about a lot of products, they may say "made in the USA," but means assembled.  The parts come from all over the world.  Cars are a good example.  Toyota, and Nissan, and Honda, and Ford, and General Motors all have assembly lines in the US but the parts are almost entirely imported.
And for those who think the Idiot Jerk in the White House is driving the "Israel is the greatest country in the world" train, surprise!  He isn't.  It's the Evangelicals.  It's the prophecy, you know?  That all Jews will go home... to Israel.  Unfortunately, that's not happening.  In fact, the only ones going back are the Evangelicals.  Tourism is up.  And the Idiot Jerk in the White House is going to give that voting block everything their black little hearts desire.
Speaking of Evangelicals, my brother and his kids are heading down to Topsail, North Carolina in a week and a half.  Two years ago they went down and their cat died.  Last year Hurricane Florence went through and their vacation was delayed for a month... and when they did go, our Mom died.  And now, of course, there's Dorian... slowly inching his way towards Florida.  There's a good possibility he may pick up strength in warm waters between the Bahamas and the US mainland.  This may be interesting.
Finally, in a little over 2 months The Outer Worlds gets released.  The anticipation for this game is very high.  I'm really stoked for the action!  the adventure!  and the sick humor!  This last trailer sums it up quite nicely.  Enjoy.


  1. I’m also curious about the hike in prices. Many trumpanzees will dismiss them because they won’t feel the burn right away. Especially if like you say, prices have been going up steadily in preparation for Cheeto’s stupidity. Also, many people don’t understand that the ‘made in the USA ‘ sticker is a mirage.
    And the Talibangelicals are enjoying their fifteen minutes with this presidency. Let’s hope it doesn’t last.
    And that video game looks amazing! Goddess, I haven’t played a video game in ages.

    1. I think his supporters will feel the burn relatively fast... these are not itsy bitsy increases.

      The game is by Oblivion Studios. They have a very good record for developing kick ass games.

  2. Replies
    1. Well, they don't like using their brains... it hurts.