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Wednesday, August 21, 2019

What's brewin'

Well, I did a 12 mile ride yesterday with just my Suunto Spartan and there were no erratic numbers.  I averaged around 124 BPM with an increase up to 143 BPM.  Maybe the belt needs a new battery.
I also ordered a new coffeemaker - a good one.  It has a copper finish.  The blue retro maker I'd bought a while back just isn't making.  I don't like having to unplug it when I'm not using it, that's something I'm not used to.  There have been days when I've accidentally plugged it in only to find a few hours later the burner was on because it tried to brew a pot of coffee.  Damn, that's not good.
And I do go back to work today, after one day off.  I have another four scheduled.  I'm off Sunday and Monday, and then that gets repeated the following week, which happens to be Labor Day.
I see where Boris Bumblebrain is trying to get the EU to renegotiate the "divorce" and they're having none of it.  Oh, and negotiating trade deals with the US is turning out to be more difficult than he and his Brexiteers were expecting.  Sorry, Bumblebrain, did you really think the Idiot Jerk's administration had any intention of giving you a fair deal?  You see, Boris is intelligent... he's just not smart.  He doesn't wield any significant bargaining chips.  Now the Danes?  They have Greenland.  Now, that's one piece of plum real estate.  If the Danes were to choose to sell Greenland, any price they name would turn the Idiot Jerk into a drooling lapdog.  However, they're not even going to consider offers.... oohh, nooo, and so the Idiot Jerk's going to snub them.  Cancelled his trip, he did.
Or maybe that's just an excuse.  Perhaps the Idiot Jerk doesn't want to go to Denmark because one his henchies said there's some serious recession issues coming down the pike.  Of course, that can't be right.  The Idiot Jerk, himself, has said that recession talk is fake news.  And still, he, himself has also said his administration is looking at "temporary payroll tax cuts" to stimulate the economy.  Which means he wants to put the country even deeper into debt in order to get the American Consumer to buy more.  It's the same reason he wants Powell to drop the Prime Rate... so credit is easier to get... so the American Consumer can buy more.
I'm doing what he wants America to do... buy stuff.  Most of what I buy, however, is rather inexpensive and comes from... China, because if Americans manufactured these products they'd cost a hell of a lot more.
Except for the new coffeemaker, that comes from the Netherlands.  It's a Moccamaster by Technivorm and comes with a 5 year warranty.

Most coffeemakers have a one year warranty, but let's be honest here, because they tend to be inexpensive most simply get replaced.


  1. He's not ordering a payroll tax cut, until he is.
    He's all for background checks until he isn't.
    The economy is fine, until it isn't.

    And still the base cheers because ... racist.

    1. I don't know... Faux News reported on one of their own polls putting him in steaming shit territory and he flipped out, and since then he's been careening from side to side down the road of unequivocal stupidity.

  2. Brexit had me so riled up (mainly because I am one of the 1 million expat Brits that didn't get to vote) but now I just look on it with complete distain. Get on with it (sadly, that's what my family said and they voted out - so live with it). I have my request for French naturalisation all lined up anyway. And as for the US/UK trade deal, like I mentioned in one of my recent posts, it will be interesting to see if my friend (an international trade economist) is right in that the US will want access to the National Health Service, to be able to export "bleached" poultry and also GM food. I expect he will be right and then everyone in the UK will be up in arms!!!!

    1. The Idiot Jerk will take Boris to the cleaners if he's given the chance.

  3. how much more bullshit do we the people have to hear until we all rise up and shout as one ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

    1. Prepare yourself, he's going to become more and more erratic as time goes on. Just hold tight. Drink a bottle of wine. His finale is going to be a real show stopper!