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Sunday, August 11, 2019


Good news!  The dog's colds seem to have passed.  Lily is no longer coming up and sneezing in my face.  In fact, right now she's running around the house with her purple Wubba in her mouth.
I rode another 11. 17 miles on the bike last evening.  The next challenge I have with Rouvy is to ride to 16 mile rides in 'race mode.'  One of them is a 16 mile climb... yep, the whole ride is up hill... for 16 miles.  Damn!
My friend Patty fell and broke her ankle last night.  I told her it just looked sprained, an x-ray said there was a hairline fracture.  She's in a boot.  You'd think by know they'd have come up with stylish colors... nope, still the same formal black.
Of course, everybody now knows Jeffrey Epstein committed suicide yesterday morning.  It didn't take long, only a couple of hours before the Idiot Jerk in the White House re-Tweeted some sort of bongo bongo conspiracy theory.  This was to be expected since he's a gutless sack of shit and he, himself, had some serious connections with Epstein.  There is that video out there of he and Epstein ogling cheerleaders.  The truth is that the Idiot Jerk is swinging into desperation mode.  This suicide happened under his watch.  Epstein was in a Federal prison.  Some official decided to take him off suicide watch.  Many people are questioning that, especially since he had already made one attempt and failed.  Billy Barr is throwing a suicide investigation party because this makes him look bad.  And the two-bit president who wants to be a dictator?  He's starting to throw shit against the wall hoping something will stick, no matter how unrealistic  As I said before, he's growing desperate.
Yesterday was my Hump Day.  That means my next two days are supposed to be easier, right? 


  1. this suicide DOES look suspicious. but the clintons were NOT involved. the dump WAS.

    1. That's what every body's saying, and under Billy Barr's watch, no less.

  2. Somebody took care of him. Look at it this way: Cheeto’s dog (the DOJ) apparently visited him on the down low BEFORE he died. But her emails!