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Saturday, August 3, 2019

Credit This

Well what do you know?  It's Saturday, and I'm not working.  Any weekend day off in retail is a rarity because these are the busiest days - people have off from work.  While we have been selling installations, the number of of customers getting measured in anticipation for new flooring  has dropped off.  This is always a slow period for us - the month before school begins.  Families go on vacations.  We will have to see if things pick up as we head into fall.
About 2 years ago I bought a recliner sofa and chair from Wolf's Furniture.  They offered a deal - an extra 5% off and interest free financing for 18 months if I applied for a new credit card.  Well, I liked that 5% so I signed up.  I paid the bill off when I got my first statement.  They sent me an email sometime last night informing me that the interest rate on that credit card was now 29.9%.  Of course, I don't own anything so that interest increase doesn't phase me... but Holy Mother Of God!  When I think of all those people who have balances on their cards...  my gut turns over.  The interest rate on the card we off is at 26.9%.  They are constantly at us to sign up new people.  We are told "you are not responsible for that person's finances."  This is one of the things wrong with America.  In the last 5 years credit card debt in the United States has gone from $854 million to $1.04 trillion.  This is what they call a 'bubble,' and at some time in the future it is going to burst.  And, of course, there are fools out there who believe every time the Fed drops its interest rate that drop is going to show up on their credit card statement.  These are the same bungalunga heads who voted for the Idiot Jerk in the White House.  That's why they wear those little red MAGA hats... to keep their stupidity from exploding out of their heads.
On the positive side, the Governor of North Carolina has signed in to law a ban in Conversion Therapy for that state.  That must really piss off the Crazy Christians who believe prayer cures everything... well, except for sexual orientation... and, of course that nagging credit card debt.  They simply don't understand that Crazy Christian Conservative bankers are responsible for the latter.
Finally, the Shea butter for Lily's nose arrived yesterday.  It has an interesting odor, not bad mind you, but.. unusual.  Since I have no idea what Sheas smell like, I'm going on the premise that it's normal.  I'm going to mix it with some cold pressed coconut oil that I have (that's also good for moisturizing).  This means her nose is going to smell like a little coconut drop.


  1. "This means her nose is going to smell like a little coconut drop." - so kissable!

  2. 29.9%!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thia is getting out of hand. I only have three cards and do the same as you. But that's why they do this. Most people only pay the minimum payment. So in other words, they will never have it paid off. The interests alone eats the payment. I generally pay cash first when I can and use my cards for travel.

    Have a lovely day off...I'm heading poolside.

    1. Day was lovely, I rode over 12.5 miles in Oregon.

      Minimum payments will never pay off anything... they're not designed to.