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Sunday, August 18, 2019

Simply Amazing

Sunday, and since I work it's a not so restful day of rest.
The temps are forecast to go up into the mid-90's today... tomorrow even warmer.  People forget we're only halfway through summer.  That's right.  It doesn't end until September.  I guess a good way to describe this season so far is to say it's been sweltering.
I had some Crazy Christians buy vinyl sheeting yesterday.  Five kids around the cart and a 6th on the way.  The father was wearing a biblical T-shirt with verses on both the front and back.  They don't understand that "be fruitful and multiply" is a nice way of telling them they're nothing more than breeders. 
There was also this woman who bought a Dyson vacuum cleaner.  She asked me what our return policy was, so I told her usually 30 days.  She asked, "so, I can bring it back in 30 days?"  I told her most people bring things back much sooner if there's a problem.  "But if I don't like it, I can bring it back in 30 days?" she asked, again.  Could she have been any more obvious?  "We call that rent for free and really frown upon that type of behavior," I replied.  She looked at me and said "well, everybody does it." She did purchase the vacuum.  On the way to the register, she asked the Front End Supervisor the same question.  And, while paying for it at the register, she asked the cashier the same thing.  We all know that in about 29 days that Dyson's going to be returned. 
For those interested, I rode a little over 57 + miles this week.  The shortest ride was 7.66 miles, the longest 14.78.  My heart rate averages around 124 BPM, that includes the hills when it goes up.  I need to complete two 16+ rides to get to the next level, one of which is all up hill.  Shit.
I have over 31,000 words done on the next book and our heroes are just getting the first of the snakey parts.  rattle rattle, rattle rattle.
And I guess manufacturing is in decline.  This is not good for the Idiot Jerk in the White House.  This is also to be expected because this man is a blowhard.  He is stupid.  His own history, with 6 bankruptcies, proves he is hapless as hell.  What his adoring throngs fail to realize is that this is how he runs his business.  It's all fucked up.
For those who read my books, you know I have a recurring character named Bobby Tussel.  A police officer from Baltimore, he is on permanent disability, the result of brain trauma: he has a bullet in his brain.  He drinks wine straight from the bottle, likes warm six-packs of Anchor Beer, runs a semi-pornographic website where he's known as the Hunky Donkey, all of which are a result of his injuries.  But the one thing he does that leaves people in awe is dance.  A combination of ballet and gymnastics, people who see him dance are truly amazed.  He's going to do a little dance in The Body in the Well.  As always, I like to pick a song to play over and over again as I write these sequences.  This time I chose wonderful little tune by Owen Pallet which I think exemplifies the art of Bobby's dance.


  1. if a snake is rattling, you best scoot away!

    UGH, BREEDERS! my SIL's oldest from her first marriage is one of these. 9 brats. another duggar family.

    and that dyson bitch should NOT be allowed to return a used item!

  2. I feel sorry for those kids.

    And I'm having a real hoot with the snakey things!

  3. I can't believe that vacuum cleaner story. Some people have no scruples!

    1. You should work in retail. You have no idea how unscrupulous some people are.

  4. My sister worked on the customer service desk of a large UK supermarket for a few years. One day a "lady" came in with a large tin of Quality Street chocolates where there was only one left and said they were "off". My sister was fit to bust but the manager told her to exchange them! She had another old guy who used to come back every week saying he had "forgotten" something at the cash register after paying - usually a couple lbs of cheddar cheese. After that, whenever she saw him, she would walk over, rummage around the packing zone and say "good morning Mr. X, just wanted to be sure you hadn't forgotten anything this week"! Gotta love my sister!

  5. Dave, I just really enjoyed that video, the young guy is easy on the eyes as well.
    Once I returned a new television for my mother, the high definition made her dizzy and she couldn't watch it. I was charged a $90 restocking fee, when I asked about it, the guy told me people were buying tv's for big sports event parties or movies and returning them the next day after the game/movie was over. We always end up paying for stupid people!

    1. I think Owen is very talented.

      Oh, it's not just TV's, they buy folding tables and chairs and return them, and e muslin drop clothes? They make very nice floors for party tents.