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Wednesday, May 23, 2018


Well, it's Wednesday and the end of my 6 day work week.  We had thunderstorms and rain yesterday, however the sun has come out this morning.  And it's supposed to be coming out tomorrow.  You can bet your bottom dollar on that...

Though I don't know if the sun coming out tomorrow is going to be any relief for the White House... or to be more specific, the north lawn.  You see something is going on there.  Something not very nice.  The ground is beginning to open up.  A sinkhole!  And it's growing.  Now, we're not talking about something tiny here.   The last measurements had it a couple feet across and a few feet deep.  I'm waiting for the Idiot Jerk to blame it on Mueller...   Or Clinton...  Or Kim Sung dumb.  Or, perhaps that's the access point for the spy who infiltrated his campaign.  Some are saying it's a sign from God.  Either way, we now know that under his administration the Swamp Is Growing.
We have a paint rebate going on at the store.  Notice, I'm not calling it a sale.  Some people do.  Nope, you get a rebate for every gallon of Behr paint you buy.  I'm going to pick up a gallon for my staircase before I leave today.  The rebate is on a Visa card so you can actually use it anywhere.  Most people prefer sales rather than rebates.  They want the $$ off right away.  Filling out a form online takes too much time for them.  We do rebates because statistics show many people buy the paint but fail to follow through with the rebate.  This is how American Retail works.  Don't expect anything for free.


  1. "I'm waiting for the Idiot Jerk to blame it on Mueller...Or Clinton...Or Kim Sung Dumb." or Obama, liberals, deep state, teh gays, trans people, jews, muslims, and and and

    I hope that fucking sink hole swallows his fat orange ass whole!

    1. No, but if Rosenstein disappears we'll know where to look.