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Monday, May 14, 2018


Well, it's Monday and the start of a new work week for some of you.  For Me?  Yesterday was hump day and this is the beginning of the downhill slide into my next 2 days off.  After that I'll be working through a 6 day slog.
There are changes happening in the store, people getting moved to new departments, two Supervisor position being eliminated (3 will do the work 5 used to do), and who knows what else.  The loss of 2 positions runs counter to what was supposed to be happening with this great tax cut.  Remember?  Jobs were supposed to be created.  These changes will be happening nationally.  Isn't that a big cut in payroll expenses?
The door are opening to a new US Embassy today... in Jerusalem... and the Crazy Christians are jumping up and down with glee, so self-absorbed in their own selfish beliefs they have lost themselves.  We have an Idiot Jerk in the White House who is giving a minority group everything they want without comprehending the damage he, and they, are doing.  This lesson will have a very expensive price tag.  For them, their Belief justifies Everything.  In the end, their Belief will cost them... Everything.
The weather today is supposed to 19 degrees warmer than yesterday, which topped off at 58 (F).  Clouds and showers are supposed to continue for most of the week.  Everything will be fine as long as their are breaks for the dogs to go outside and do their doodles.  Right now they're chasing each other around downstairs.  One of them has a squeaky ball and the other wants it.  As I'd said yesterday, Big Seig really liked my new socks.  Well, joy of joys, I did managed to get a snippet of video with him grabbing the pair with the gecko.

You'll get to see my nice yellow hallway.  I loved that paint job for years.  Loved the color.  But, things are going go change.  There's a new color coming.  Eventually I'm going to want to sell the house and I'd rather paint now and enjoy it for a couple of years.  Oh, it's probably not going to be as neutral as some would like...


  1. We used to have a cat that would steal socks and carry them around the house like they were her babies.

    1. My sister had a cat that did that, too. Biggie? He just wants to play.

  2. this whole jerusalem shit is gonna backfire BIGLY!

    1. yes, I know. A majority of Americans hate to see people slaughtered.