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Sunday, May 27, 2018

Bloomers and Idiots

Well, here it is, Sunday.  Today is the hump day for your 3 day weekend.  For me?  Just another work day.
Yesterday work was odd - strange customers, the kind who usually only come out at night when the moon is full.
Like the woman who asked me "where do you keep your dish rags."  She frowned as I politely told her "we're a home improvement store.  We don't carry dish rags."
Or the couple who stopped in as I was ready to leave, complaining that they were going to need to rescheduled their carpet measure.  They told me the measure had been scheduled for 6 PM (we don't measure past 3:30 PM) however the "guy who was supposed to measure cancelled because he'd fallen into a hole...."  When I called our measurement services to reschedule I got a message telling me they had closed at 7 PM.  I'd never gotten that message before.
Then there was the woman who needed to have a blind re-cut, it was a half inch too wide.  When I'd finished, she looked at the edge of the blind, pointing out a small amount of chipping.  You needed to look very, very close to see what she was talking about.  The cutters uses a circular saw blade, the cut is always good, but not perfectly clean.  Politely, I told this was almost always the case.  Her face got really, really red.  "I had 7 blinds cut the other day and there was no problem."  Demonstrating great customer service skills, I reached for a new blind.  "Here, let me cut another for you."  And... of course.... after the blind was cut, you could see fine chipping along the edge.  She got redder.  I thought one of two things was going to happen:  either her head would explode... or she'd burst into tears.  However, what she did do was take the blind, shove it into her cart, and walk away without another word.  I wouldn't be surprised if that blind, and the 7 she had cut, ended up getting returned because she's going to go home and check out those blinds.  She'll get pissed, and want her money back.
Today is supposed to be cooler with thunderstorms.  Already dark clouds are looming over the tree tops on the hill behind my house.  In anticipation, I took a couple more pics of my roses since storms will knock them to pieces.

White and pink
Biggie kept trying to get in every picture...  What a ham.

One of the reds

The color is actually more of a blood red.

Another one from Little Stonehenge
While some fade, others bloom.


  1. nothing wrong with seeing biggie. but those customers - oy vey! donald dump supporters most likely.

    1. Well, none of them were wearing red hats, but that doesn't prove anything.

  2. The roses are beautiful! Your customers sound a lot like some of the parents I teach.

    1. Thanks! They bloom like... oh, 4 times during the spring, summer, and fall.