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Friday, May 4, 2018


Another Friday and another day to work... and tomorrow as well.  Sunday I'm off, starting a 3 day weekend. 
As far as I know, my neighbor's sewage issues have been rectified.  Everything is drying out on my side.  The only saving grace was that their drainage pipe was on a shale substrate which acted like a giant filter. 
Oh, and my day's kinked up just a little.  Internet was down when I got up.  Unfortunately so much of what I do depends on accessing different websites.  I even track my weight sessions on a tablet that links to an online app.  This morning everything was 'red.'  Things didn't come back online until around 6:30 which put me really, really far behind.
Celine Dion has a new video out - "Ashes,' the theme from Deadpool 2.  Now, I'm not a big fan mostly because for about 8 months straight you couldn't turn around without her singing that "My Heart..." whatever, from Titanic.  This means I suffered through a bit of trepidation prior to watching it.  I was surprised.  While some may find it funny, (well, it is at the end) I found it rather touching.  The juxtaposition of Deadpool dancing next to Celine for a few moments became 'art.'  My only wonder is that when she sings it at the Oscars next year, will Deadpool be dancing next to her.

As for the Idiot Jerk in the White House... holy... shit.  His entire life he's depended upon his attorneys for fixing his mistakes, and for the most part everything was done in private.  Not any more.  Everything is playing out on Main Stream media.  And none of them are on the same page, except for blaming... Main Stream media.  "Fake News," they shriek, and then lie.  Giuliani's lies contradict those of the Idiot Jerk who keeps changing his story.  The whole administration is going down in flames, and while Deadpool will rise from the ashes, the Republican cinders are just going to be washed away by the Blue Wave.


  1. I can't with Celine. I.Just.Can't.
    Take my Gay Card, if y'all must I'll be fine.

    1. Ahh, but you should see Deadpool dancing in heels

  2. I despise celine dion. and I don't care.

    the spinners are going crazy at the dump's (whites only) house.

    1. Ivanka needs to watch out, they'll soon start eating their young