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Thursday, May 17, 2018

Ducky Dandy

Well, we had rain all through the night, a steady soaking rain, which is supposed to continue through the rest of the day.  In fact, looking at the forecast, things might not start drying out until Monday... maybe.  No lumberjack outfit today.
There are other things needing to be done around the house on my day off.
I'm going to see my Mom this afternoon.  Picked up cookies this morning at Giant to take over as a snack.  She usually seems to remember me... that is slowly changing.  She'll turn 85 in July.  In her mind she's always turning 81 and nothing can convince her otherwise.  Someday her age will be irrelevant.
There was an interesting article in the BBC about our Crazy Christian Vice President and some of the things he's been saying.  His delusions make my Mom's delusions look like flights of whimsy.  Every time he thinks about his beliefs his dopamine levels must crash through the roof.  He's a neurotransmitter junkie.  Like all junkies, he will do anything and everything to keep the rush going.  For him that means more religion.  As the article points out, the statistics he uses fail to meet the reality check.  They're not true.  However for him, the truth doesn't give him the little jolt his deceit does, and so he lies.  And like a junkie, he doesn't know or care that he's lying.  All he really wants is that little ping in his brain.
The sad truth that Pence and the rest of his zealot friends fail to understand is that they are in a non sustainable position.  They aren't making enough babies.  Perhaps this is how the Universe passes judgment.   Not with a bang and a flash, but rather something less extravagant.  They are in the process of dying off.  Next on the list is Islam.  If it fails to meet Universal standards, it too will fade away.
Anyway, we seem to be sitting in a swamp of humidity here in Central Pa.  We are in a flood watch.
The peace talks with North Korea may be in jeopardy - like supporters of the Idiot Jerk in the White House are surprised.
Gas are going up!  Brent crude was up to $80 a barrel.
I have a ride scheduled for this afternoon.  I'd like to get 20 miles in - that would be ducky dandy.