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Sunday, May 20, 2018

Isn't that rather Froggy?

The rain has stopped.  Still cloudy, though every now and then the sky clears a bit and sunshine glints off the roof of my car.  Temp wise we're supposed to hit the low 80's (F) today.  They're call for scattered thunderstorms, hopefully they'll be scattered somewhere else and things will begin to dry out.
There was an small death here yesterday.  Last evening, after I got home from work, I checked my email, and read everybody's blog, I nestled myself into my Morris chair to kill cult members in Far Cry 5.  Big Seig kept nosing around  the chair in front of the window, poking his head in first one side and then the other.  I thought he was looking for their squeaky ball.  Thinking I'd get it for him, I pulled the chair front.  There on the floor was the corpse of a chipmunk.  Some how the little guy must have gotten into the house.  I felt bad for him.  How terrible it must have been to be chased, and bitten by Big Seig and Lily.  And, of course, they didn't he wasn't a toy.
This is my 3rd day out of 6, which means I don't really have a hump day this week.  I will have a hump evening.
I  only rode a little over 5 miles this morning, something with hills.  I've completed this ride before, but when I hit 5 when I hit the halfway point I stopped.  I did wear my gecko socks.  The only bad thing about my snazzy socks is not being able to see them while I'm riding.
Did everybody see the vid with Harry and Meghan driving away in the Jaguar?  I had to laugh.  They didn't use their seat belts... and did the really go anywhere?  Or just cruise out the gate?  For the life of me I can't picture them driving themselves to their reception.  Do you know what I mean?  Without an escort?  To Frogmore House....  Frogmore house?

Doesn't that sound like something from Harry Potter?  Frogmore House.  Evidently it's closed to the public.  Actually, Frogmore is only about one half mile from the castle.  Oh, and it's part of the Windsor estate.  So, it wasn't like Harry saying "yo, Meg, let's go for a spin in the Jag."


  1. Me thinks they did it for photo opts. Frogmore House is a stunning little spigot of land and house. Are we sure there are no gay royals I can marry?!?!?!?!?!!?

    Poor little chipmunk. My Buster would just sit and stare at it. He doesn't chase anything.

    1. Silly photo op, they were the only ones there...

      And the dogs don't know the difference between a toy and an animal.

  2. Replies
    1. I felt bad for him. He was chased around by 180 lbs of dogs.

  3. awww, poor little guy! :(

    I think (IIRC) QEII's mom lived there after she became a widow and her daughter was sitting on the throne. the duke & duchess of windsor (edward VIII & wallis simpson) are buried out back behind this house.

    harry & meghan make a lovely couple.

    1. Yeah it's been lived in on and off since the 16th century.., but is now used only for 'events.'

  4. I think the chipmunk might have feared the cats,but the dog would run from it.

    Harry & Bob make a lovelier couple.Just sayin'.

    1. Anything that moves is free sport for the dogs.

      And Harry might have been a little speedier if it had been Harry & Bob.