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Friday, July 14, 2023

They Are Eating Their Own

Hello Friday!  It's difficult to believe the week has passed so quickly.  For the past few days the temps have climbed into the very summery lower 90s (F), though we've been spared the rain.  As if to balance things out, forecasters are again predicting rain in the form of frequent deluges.  They may begin this afternoon.  I have plans for a ride this afternoon, so I really don't care.

Yesterday was one of those days of accomplishments I'm happy with: a nice arm workout (55 minutes in total), a good cleaning for the big tank and medium cleaning for the smaller one, and a bit of a rewrite on the chapter called Leslie's Silence.  I do have another video on YouTube, but I'm thinking I will probably post those here on Tuesdays; set up some sort of routine.

Before it gets too hot today, hot for Lily that is, I'm going to take her for a walk.  We go everyday, but early since she is in her senior years.  

They put in a marble counter top in the house next door yesterday.  It is, like everything else in the house, gray.  Marble's fine if you remember to keep it sealed.  If you don't, because it's porous, there's a good possibility of it staining.  I had a customer once who asked if there was a way to get a red wine stain out of a marble counter top.  Rather than give her the bad news that the only way she'd be able to get it out was to cut it out, I sent her to the kitchen designers; let them be the bearers of the bad news.

An evidently the conspiracy theorists are attacking AMC theaters because of the Qanon film The Sound of Freedom.  That's right, they're spreading vicious rumors about delays in showtimes, and showings being cut short because of A/C problems, and what not.  Of course, none of this is true, but tell that to the Qanon crowd who will never let a little truth interfere with a good conspiracy theory.

And then yesterday, this happened.

Wack-job Hageman is the one who replaced Liz Cheney.  She has no clue that Christopher Wray is a true, blue blooded Republican, a Conservative in every sense of the word, while she, herself, is a card carrying member of the Cult of Trump.  Her main goal was not to use intelligent questions to find answers.  Nope!  Instead she spouted unproven conspiracy theories in an attempt to make him look bad.  I did enjoy the bit towards the end where he described her beliefs as insane.  

What made yesterday's hearing more striking was the fact that the Democrats lined up with the Conservative Wray to make the MAGA cult look truly incompetent.  This was another disastrously terrible hearing for Jim Jordan's committee.  As several conservative commentators noted:  They're eating their own.


  1. Ohhh I think I've heard about that movie. It's all bullshit, of course. But when QAnon can put a film in theaters... Oh, well.

    And Gym Jordan is desperate. I loved how the repugs got their assess handed to them. Ted Lieu apparently did a job on some of them?


    1. Ted Lieu was outstanding at naming Republicans Trump had put into office and then naming the Republicans who found these same Republicans guilty of being crooks.

  2. At this point they're getting to be like a bunch of fighting Japanese swordfish. I say add more the bowl to get the feast done even quicker.

  3. That dumb C*nt doesn't want to get answers she wants to spew her QAnon drivel. The GOP is a joke.

    1. Many are no longer referring to them as the GOP, instead they are MAGA, the Republican party died some time ago.