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Monday, July 10, 2023

From the Channel

 Right on time, the new week has arrived and the skies are a bit overcast.  The air's supposed to be a bit less humid today, with the temps climbing into the mid 80s (F).  There's only a 5% chance of rain, we got enough yesterday... again.  Yes, we had another deluge.  Yes, we had another flood warning.  Surprisingly, no, I didn't get water in my basement.  That's nice.  I will need to mow my lawn again this week.  I don't mind.

Retail was slow yesterday.  I did manage to get a measure.  That should keep people happy.  I did not make my sales plan last week.  That will turn those happy faces into frowns (small shrug).  There was a time when I could see all the sales data from every store in the district, that's been taken away, not only from me, but from many of middle management in the stores.  They're shifting to a new reporting system and at this point in my retail career I could care less.

I'm going to be uploading another little video to my channel either tomorrow or Wednesday, depending upon when it get's completed.  I'd like to make it a weekly thing, but that all depends upon whether I think I have anything to say.  One of my friends say that would be rare, meaning he thinks I talk a lot.  He might be right.  Anyway, here's the snippet I posted last week.  Can you tell I'm working to keep my voice from sounding way too animated?

And it seems that Ronnie DeSantis is getting a lot of flack from just about everybody in the Conservative world.  I don't doubt much of this is because he's decided to base his campaign on Wokeness, a word that has no definition.  Well, that might be a bit incorrect.  It seems as though Wokeness is everything Conservatives don't look, from books, to movies, to attitudes, and even social media.  

And speaking of social media, sometime yesterday Elon Musk, once again proving he is anything but a genius, Tweeted out "Zuck is a cuck."  Immediately afterwards hilarity ensued.  People were laughing at it on both Twitter and Threads.  As someone pointed out, if your 12 years old, "Zuck is a cuck" might impress all your other 12 year-old friends, but shortly after the age of 13 it practically becomes self-mocking.  I don't know if Musk is a cuck or not, but he sure is one dumb ass.


  1. Ohh
    I'm loving this iteration of your writing journey. It's like Stephen King's 'On Writing' but fun. And on Youtube. I approve.
    And Meatball Ron and Tacky O are not likable or charismatic. Ronnie is a bully as dry as week-old bread and his wife is a See You Next Tuesday. So there's that.
    And you know Elmo is a man-boy with fragile self-esteem. Fuckerberg is giving him a beating (Threads had 100 MILLION sign ups in its first WEEK) and he cannot take it. Wait until Fuckerberg starts publishing earnings. Elmo is gonna throw another tantrum.


    1. Elon's implosion is the most entertaining thing on Twitter right now. Some of the kind words I've seen about Ronnie D: whiney and inconsiderate, your normal Republican behavior.

  2. DeSaster is just that.
    Elon's a petty bitch.

    1. Who'd ever thought Elon'd be such a jokester.

  3. Good luck with the channel and thanks for sharing so I know where to find you when I have some free time. Musk seems to be going batshit. I also read that he posted something about Zuckerberg's penis and got a lot of WTF comments on that one as well.

    1. Thanks, I'm going to try and post a video a week for right now. And Elon's WTF comment had to do with measuring... nothing more needs to be said.